Orlando Smart Community 2017 ATCMTD

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The Florida Department of Transportation, in partnership with MetroPlan Orlando, the University of Central Florida, the City of Orlando, and Orange County are pleased to announce the receipt of the Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment (ATCMTD) grant for the Connecting the East Orlando Communities project. Connecting the East Orlando Communities represents the Central Florida Automated Vehicle Partners Smart Cities approach consisting of three program areas: PedSafe, GreenWay, and Smart Community. For more information see www.cflsmartroads.com and http://www.cflsmartroads.com/projects/CVAV_D5_Testing.html.

PedSafe is an innovative pedestrian and bicycle collision avoidance system currently being designed by FDOT. PedSafe will connect advanced signal controller capability, use of Connected Vehicle (CV) technologies, and existing communication capabilities to reduce the occurrence of pedestrian and bicycle crashes. As a region and a state that annually tops the Dangerous by Design list of most dangerous areas for walking, development and implementation of PedSafe is an immediate priority with multiple benefits. The application will be easily transferable throughout the country.  The project has 33 roadside units and is expected to be completed in 2020.Diagram of a road

GreenWay is a FDOT project to connect Advance Sensor Technology, Conditional Transit Signal Priority (TSP), Adaptive Deployment Traffic Signal Interface with Track Positive Train Control (SunRail), Smart Parking technology with Signal Performance Metrics (SPM), Integrated Corridor Management (ICM), and Signal Control Analytics and Visualization. GreenWay is designed to better utilize the multimodal transportation system by actively managing over 1,000 traffic signals within the region.  This project consists of upgrading 247 intersections to be CV-ready.  Data managed in the proposed SunStore will be connected with GreenWay to support Real Time Operation through a regional Decision Support System (DSS). This connection will allow strategic planning for special events to include consideration of all modes and users and will provide a unified approach to system operations and management. Smart Community photo

SmartCommunity is an integrated program that connects people to the places they need to go and the services they need to receive. Through a Mobility on Demand (MoD) framework, SmartCommunity leverages existing ridesharing and car-sharing products to offer residents access to cars when required. SmartCommunity’s trip planning application, Transit AVL, and Transit Kiosks will provide real-time multimodal travel information to integrate trip planning with modal choice options. SmartCommunity will allow travelers in the same area to share information and coordinate trips to destinations such as employment centers, education facilities, the grocery store, and medical treatment centers. SmartCommunity will have a benefit for low income and underserved populations in the area and help to connect the community to the region.


For additional information, please contact Jeremy Dilmore at Jeremy.Dilmore@dot.state.fl.us