Security Credential Management System (SCMS)

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The FDOT has an active Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) Program and CAV Business Plan. As part of this Business Plan and to achieve the statewide vision of improving safety and mobility with emerging technology applications, FDOT is deploying connected vehicle (CV) devices along various roadways in the state.

Establishing trust management and security for the CV devices is important and is performed by the Security Credential Management System (SCMS). SCMS is a certificate-based validation and security process that verifies that a CV message (e.g., basic safety message, traveler information message, etc.) is sent from a trusted entity and rejects messages received from those entities that are not properly signed.

In 2020, the FDOT procured a statewide SCMS platform. The selected provider, TrustPoint Systems, Inc./ISS will provide all the hardware, software, labor, and all other elements necessary for the statewide SCMS platform.

For more information, please contact Edith Wong