Bee Ridge Corridor Smart Signals

The Bee Ridge Rd (SR 758) corridor is located between US 41 and I-75 in Sarasota County.  This road is the highest (worst) ranked in Sarasota County for fatal and serious injury crashes.  In addition, signal system operators have recognized frequent vehicle detection failure issues at a few signalized intersections in this corridor. 

This project is intended to apply technology improvements to address both issues.  Tasks will include: adding advance detection for dilemma zone protection on all major street approaches; replacing stop bar detection on all approaches to accurately detect vehicle presence and to obtain vehicle counts; install closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras at intersections that do not presently have this coverage to improve operations monitoring and incident management; and install connected vehicle infrastructure (roadside units) to transmit MAP and SPaT messages and to receive Basic Safety Messages from vehicles equipped with on-board units.

Bee Ridge

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