Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Data Platform


The Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Data Platform is intended to encompass FDOT’s operational, in development, and planned Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) project corridors.  FDOT is developing a Vehicle-to-Everything Data Exchange Platform (V2X DEP) to exchange data from the connected vehicles (CV), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and advanced traffic management systems (ATMS) infrastructure with the automobile original equipment manufacturers (AOEMs), navigation app providers, and other industry stakeholders. This process eliminates the need for large investments in after-market safety devices or on-board units (OBUs) for providing safety and mobility data to road users and provide this information through AOEMs, existing third-party navigation application providers, FL 511 smartphone applications, etc. more economically.

The V2X DEP is being structured to collect, store, and disseminate data and analytics on a wide range of feeds from CAV deployments and other systems, including but not limited to: SunGuide®, FL 511, DIVAS, and ATMS. Data from third parties can also be ingested, including data from AOEMs, traveler information system providers (e.g., INRIX, HERE, etc.), weather systems, and other sources. 

V2X DEP has been developed to be agnostic to data sources and data disseminators. As a cloud-hosted solution, the V2X DEP can expand to meet the growing CAV deployments across the state and beyond. The V2X DEP has been demonstrating success through the sharing of data in the use cases supported with the first production release. Specifically, the Platform supports sharing Work Zone Data Exchange, traffic safety (crash, lane closure, etc.) conditions, congestion monitoring, infrastructure device status data, and the consumption of live data by external entities through APIs.

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