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TDA Organizational ChartThe Transportation and Data Analytics Office is the FDOT's central clearinghouse and principal source for highway, traffic, travel time, multimodal, and freight and passenger data information. We provide the data and information that supports the mission of the FDOT to ensure mobility for people and goods. The data and information we provide covers a range of time periods: historic, current and future. The office gathers data directly through automated means and indirectly through district field personnel or others. In some cases we rely on third party data providers. TDA provides tools and training to record, process, provide access, analyze, evaluate, and report data. The office also publishes informational documents and answers special requests for data inside and outside the agency. Our role is to take the data in its raw form, add value to data (not simply warehouse it), explain and instruct in the use of data and provide project specific analyses to our customers.

TDA has four sections: (1) Administration, (2) Spatial Data & Analytics, (3) Transportation Data Inventory and (4) Transportation Monitoring Program. These sections work together and with counterparts in the FDOT Districts to maintain high quality data. We also coordinate closely with the Office of Planning and other offices in the Department, the Florida Division Office of the Federal Highway Administration, and other agencies and organizations.


Provide leadership for informed transportation decisions through data collection, analysis, integration and dissemination.


To utilize state-of-the-art technology that supports employees in developing innovative solutions to improve product delivery.


To be agile, flexible and adaptable to a changing world that requires new types of data from both new and traditional sources.

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