Statement of Agency

Organization and Operation

This Statement of Agency Organization and Operation is promulgated by the Florida Department of Transportation (Department) pursuant to Sections 120.53(4) and 120.54(5)(b)7, Florida Statutes, and Rule Chapter 28-101, Florida Administrative Code.

The Department is created pursuant to Section 20.23, Florida Statutes, which sets forth the legal structure and general description of the Department. The mission of the Department of Transportation shall be to provide a safe statewide transportation system that promotes the efficient movement of people and goods, supports the state’s economic competitiveness, prioritizes Florida’s environment and natural resources, and preserves the quality of life and connectedness of the state’s communities.

General Description of the Agency

The Headquarters of the Department is in Leon County, at 605 Suwannee Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0450.

The head of the Department is the Secretary of Transportation. The Secretary is appointed by the Governor from among three persons nominated by the Florida Transportation Commission and confirmed by the Senate. The Commission's duties, described in Section 20.23, Florida Statutes, include the review of major transportation policy initiatives and revisions.

The Secretary serves at the pleasure of the Governor. The Secretary directs, administers, coordinates, and delegates the statutory duties of the Department in the planning, operation, regulation, and development of transportation systems and facilities.

The Secretary may appoint assistant secretaries and delegate to any Assistant Secretary the authority to act in the absence of the Secretary. Assistant secretaries perform duties assigned by the Secretary. The Secretary may appoint deputy assistant secretaries or directions for areas of responsibility, each of whom serves at the pleasure of the Secretary.

The Department's areas of program responsibility include, but are not limited to:  Administration; Planning; Public transportation; Design; Highway operations; Right-of-Way; Toll Operations; Information Systems; Motor Carrier Compliance; Management and Budget; Comptroller; Construction; Maintenance and Materials.

Other offices may be established in accordance with Section 20.04, Florida Statutes. The Secretary may combine, separate, or delete offices as needed in consultation with the Executive Office of the Governor.

The Department is a decentralized agency. The central office establishes departmental policies, rules, procedures, and standards and ensures uniform compliance and quality performance by the districts and central office units that implement transportation programs.

In order to provide for efficient operations and to expedite the decision making process, the operations of the Department are organized into seven districts, each headed by a district secretary, and a turnpike enterprise, headed by an executive director. The District Secretaries and the Executive Director of Turnpike Enterprise are appointed by the Secretary and serve at the pleasure of the Secretary.

The headquarters of the Turnpike Enterprise is at Orlando, Orange County.

The headquarters of the Districts are established as follows:

District I, at Bartow, Polk County
District II, at Lake City, Columbia County
District III, at Chipley, Washington County
District IV, at Fort Lauderdale, Broward County
District V, at Deland, Volusia County
District VI, at Miami, Miami-Dade County
District VII, at Tampa, Hillsborough County

Offices are established within each district to manage major functional responsibilities of the Department. Each District Secretary may appoint district directors for areas of responsibility within the district.

FDOT Organization Chart. It may also be obtained by contacting the Department's Human Resources Office at the FDOT HRO Data Inquire box:

Request Department forms, procedures, manuals, and questions regarding such documents may be directed to the Forms and Procedures Office.

Other questions and comments may be sent to the Department's Public Information Office, 605 Suwannee Street, Mail Station 54, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0450, or to the appropriate office with contact phone numbers and email addresses provided at this web address: 

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