Downtown Tampa Autonomous Transit Phase 1

Marion Street is a north and south running roadway in the center of downtown Tampa. Between the hours of 6am and 7pm on weekdays, the corridor is for exclusive use of buses and emergency vehicles, and therefore offers an opportunity to operate a low-speed, autonomous last-mile shuttle service out of mixed traffic. The service would address mobility needs downtown by connecting the Marion Transit Center and parking to employment, and act as a catalyst for further autonomy in transportation throughout the Tampa Bay region.

  • .6 miles along Marion Street
  • .2 miles circulation around Marion Transit Center
  • 15 mph speed limit
  • CSX rail crossing on Polk St
  • 2 blocks north on Marion, low-volume public road
  • 10 signal intersections, 1 low-volume four way stop
  • At operating speed less than half of bus, could
    operate at 10 minute frequency with 2 vehicles


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