Organizational Development Office

Welcome to Organizational Development

The Organizational Development Office (ODO) is composed of five separate units: 

  • Change Management –  Assists the Department in planning for and managing the people side of change.  
  • Multimedia Services – Develops multimedia products to fulfill the department’s mission and serve various initiatives and projects. 
  • Policy & Process Management –  Facilitates the review of policies, procedures, manuals, forms, and administers the Department’s Procedural Document Library. 
  • Talent Engagement & Support –  Administers the employee engagement survey and manages the SASHTO Scholarship, Internship, Mentoring, and Awards & Recognition Programs.
  • Training Management & Design – Plans and supports the Department's Road to Leadership Academies; designs and delivers workshops and training; and administers the Department's learning management system.

Our Mission

The mission of ODO is to develop, implement, and manage statewide programs and initiatives to enhance the customer experience.