Office Listing



The Office of Administration oversees the management of the various programs and services so that statutory requirements are fulfilled and a high level of customer service is maintained.

Divisions:  Equal Opportunity  |  Human Resources | Maps and Publications  |  Organizational Development  | Organizational Change Management  |  Procurement

Aviation and Spaceports

The Aviation and Spaceports Office provides a safe and secure air transportation system that ensures the mobility of people and goods, enhances economic prosperity, and preserves the quality of our environment and communities.

Divisions: Development  |  Operations


The Communications Office keeps the public informed about DOT-related issues which are paramount to maintaining a positive relationship with the residents of the state of Florida.


The Office of Construction is committed to providing safe and efficient facilities for the traveling public. The Construction Web site displays information about alternative contracting, contractor issues, construction manuals and technical details relating to various engineering disciplines.

Divisions:  Contracts Administration  |  Final Estimates  |  Training


The Office of Design develops policy, procedures, criteria, and standards for the design of Florida's roadways, bridges and other structures.

Divisions:  Production Support  |  Roadway Design  |  Structures Design

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Office, a vital element of the State Emergency Response Team, is responsible for preparing for, responding to, recovering from and mitigating against emergency situations that affect the state's inter-modal transportation systems.

Environmental Management

The Environmental Management Office helps the department integrate environmental and stewardship principles into all plans and programs and balance natural, human, cultural and physical considerations with sound engineering principles, with the goal of preserving the quality of our environment and communities.

Divisions:  Environmental Programs and Engineering  |  Natural and Community Resources  |  Project Screening and Technology

Finance and Administration

The Office of Comptroller and the Office of Work Program and Budget partner to deliver the continuum of the Department's financial services to include planning, development, finance, administration, quality assurance and quality control. The Offices support the primary mission of the Department to develop, finance and implement the Five-Year Work Program.

Divisions: Administration Comptroller  |  Work Program and Budget

Florida's Turnpike Enterprise

The Florida's Turnpike System includes the Mainline from Miami to Central Florida, as well as the Homestead Extension, the Sawgrass Expressway, the Seminole Expressway, the Beachline Expressway, the Southern Connector Extension of the Central Florida GreeneWay, the Western Beltway, the Veterans Expressway and Suncoast Parkway, and the Polk Parkway. -- Traveler Information

Freight and Multimodal OperationsThe Freight and Multimodal Operations Office is responsible for assisting in the development of Florida's rail system, both passenger and freight. In addition, the office is responsible for developing and implementing the Florida Rail System Plan, rail safety, rail project development/management, rail research and SIS implementation.

General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel is the statewide legal office for the Department of Transportation. It provides legal advice and representation to all of the Department's programs and administrative staff throughout Florida.

Inspector General

Promote accountability, integrity and efficiency for the citizens of Florida by providing objective, timely audit and investigative services.

Divisions:  Audits  |  Investigations  |  Quality Assurance and Operations Support

Legislative Programs

Keeping the public informed about FDOT related issues is paramount to maintaining a positive relationship with the residents of the state of Florida.


The Office of Maintenance is responsible for maintaining the state highway system.

Divisions: Contract Management  | Motor Carrier Size and Weight  |  Performance Management  |  Program Resources  |  Roadway Operations| Structures Operations


The Materials Program ensures that the materials used in transportation construction projects meet the required department specifications.

Divisions:  Bituminous  |  Geotechnical  |  Pavements  |  Structures

Modal DevelopmentThe Modal Development Office coordinates motor carrier, rail, transit, seaport, waterways, aviation and spaceport opportunities through program and project development to support the FDOT’s comprehensive multimodal transportation system. This office also works to build consensus among FDOT’s public and private partners to advocate for transportation policies that act as economic drivers within Florida.

Divisions: Aviation and Spaceports |  Freight and Multimodal Operations  |  Seaport and Waterways  |  Transit


FDOT Planning provides the foundation for programming and project delivery through innovative planning and effective outreach to strategically advance the best transportation solutions at the right time.

Divisions:  Forecasting & Trends  |  Policy Planning   |  Systems Implementation

Program Management

The Program Management Office develops and provides policies, procedures, training, and guidance to support the design, construction and maintenance of Florida roads and bridges. Our functional areas manage specifications, estimates, final plans, local programs, product evaluation and utilities.

Divisions:  Estimates  |   Local Programs  |  Product Evaluation  |  Specifications | Utilities

Research Center

The Research Center oversees the Florida Department of Transportation's research program. The State Materials Office and the  Marcus H. Ansley Structures Research Center are key functional area partners that carry out many FDOT research projects.

Right of Way

The Office of Right of Way has a primary mission of acquiring the real property necessary for the construction of transportation facilities.


The Safety Office mission is to continually improve the safety of Florida's traveling public and FDOT employees. We work with communities to identify and help resolve traffic safety issues; we gather, analyze and report data on traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities in Florida; we distribute federal traffic safety funds; and conduct traffic safety public education campaigns.

Seaport and Waterways

The Seaport and Waterways Office is responsible for assisting in the development of Florida's 14 deepwater seaports through coordination of various planning activities and funds with the Florida Seaport Transportation and Economic Council and the staff for Florida Ports Council.

Strategic Development

The Assistant Secretary for Strategic Development oversees the statewide planning process from plan development to implementation and performance monitoring, multimodal planning and operations to move people and goods, transportation research programs, and the SunRail Program.

Divisions: Planning  |  Freight, Logistics and Passenger Operations  |  Research Center  | SunRail


Traffic Engineering and Operations

The Traffic Engineering and Operations Office provides support and expertise in the application of traffic engineering principles and practices to improve safety and mobility.

Divisions: Traffic Incident Management  | Traffic Services | Traffic Systems |  Transportation Systems Management and Operations



The mission of the FDOT Transit Office is to "identify, support, advance and manage cost effective, efficient and safe transportation systems and alternatives to maximize the passenger carrying capacity of surface transportation facilities."

Divisions: Grants Administration  |  Transit Operations/Safety  |  Transit Planning


Transportation Disadvantaged

The Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged is an independent commission, housed administratively within the Florida Department of Transportation, that ensures the availability of efficient, cost-effective, and quality transportation services for transportation disadvantaged persons. -- Who Do I Contact For a Trip?  |  Volunteer Dollar Program.

Transportation Technology

Transportation Technology oversees the alignment of Information and Operational Technologies for the Florida Department of Transportation. This area is also responsible for the strategy and operations of the department’s technology environment in direct support of the agency’s mission.

Divisions:  Civil Integrated Management  | Geographic Information Systems |   Information Security Management | Information Technology  | Process and Quality Improvement | Surveying and Mapping | Transportation Data and Analytics