LeeTran Traffic Signal Priority

This project proposes to procure and install the On-Board Units (OBUs) required to improve LeeTran service on the US 41 Corridor in Fort Myers. This project will also include the integration of Transit Signal Priority elements within the US 41 FRAME project and will also include integration of the OBUs into LeeTran’s system elements, allowing sharing of bus schedules, locations, and arrival times with the CV infrastructure.

The ability to utilize TSP within major corridors such as US 41 will serve to expedite the movement of transit vehicles at busy intersections. This is particularly critical when the area experiences seasonal traffic increases and during daily peak travel times. TSP will allow buses to stay on schedule and has the potential to attract new riders to public transit which will in turn will provide the opportunity to reduce congestion by decreasing the number of single occupancy vehicles on the road.

LeeTran Traffic Signal

For additional information, please contact Steven Davis at Steven.Davis@dot.state.fl.us.