I-10 Smart Road Ranger Project

This project will deploy connected vehicle technology that was utilized within the I-75 FRAME Gainesville project for analysis with Regional Transportation Management Center operations. Roadside units (RSUs) will be installed along I-10, between 15 to 20 miles apart, from I-295 in Jacksonville to I-110 in Pensacola on dynamic message signs (DMS) and closed-circuit television (CCTV) structures/cabinets. These devices will use Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) and cloud-based technology to communicate with Road Ranger operators and District personnel. The target date for full operation is early March 2021.

Ten Road Ranger units assigned to this corridor will be equipped with On-Board Units (OBUs) to communicate incident and roadway conditions via DSRC to the RSUs. They will also have a smartphone app that can provide similar information to the RSUs. Likewise, District personnel will also participate using this same smartphone app to determine the usefulness for motorists without OBUs.   

The objective of this project is to acclimate Regional Transportation Management Centers (RTMC) Operations with the use of Connected Vehicle technology to supplement what is already taking place with Intelligent Transportation System deployments. The goal of this projects is to generate lessons learned and Department standards that can be developed or enhanced based on the information gained from this deployment.

Project limit: I-10 from I-295/Jacksonville to I-110/Pensacola.


For more information, please contact Peter Vega at peter.vega@dot.state.fl.us