The Office of Maintenance is comprised of the following work units:

Contract Management


Deanna Hutchison
State Administrator for Maintenance Contracting

Contract Management is responsible for developing and maintaining policies, procedures, scopes of services, contract specifications, and a variety of other contract administration tools and systems. Training, guidance, and technical expertise are provided for asset maintenance contracting, maintenance contract specifications, contractor performance evaluation systems, contractor default and non-responsibility analysis, and contract management through the Trns*port system. Other functions include execution and management of the Department of Corrections inmate labor master contract, providing customer support and assistance with rest areas, and performing Quality Assurance Reviews of Districts to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.

Asset Maintenance

Active Maintenance Contracts

Contractor Suspension List

FDC/FDOT Information

Maintenance Contracts Cost Report By Pay Items 2022
PDF - 627 KB

Rest Areas

Rest Area Military Memorial Monuments

Maintenance Specifications

Temporary Traffic Control


Motor Carrier Size and Weight


Steven Marshall
Statewide Scale Operations Manager

MCSAW is new to the Office of Maintenance. Senate Bill 2000 appropriated the move of Motor Carrier Compliance July 1st, 2011 from the Florida Department of Transportation to the Department of Highway Safety and the Florida Highway Patrol. The weigh stations and their operations will remain under FDOT. Motor Carrier Size and Weight is staffed by regulatory weight inspectors. MCSAW assists FDOT in fulfilling its mission of providing a safe transportation system by performing commercial vehicle size and weight enforcement. The primary purpose of the MCSAW weight enforcement program is to protect Florida’s highway system and bridges from damage from overweight vehicles. Vehicles are weighed at its 20 fixed weigh station locations and mobile enforcement with portable scales statewide. Over 20 million vehicle are weighed annually. Click for more info...

Florida Trucking Manual (Scroll to bottom of page)
Updated: November 13, 2015

Agricultural Station Information

Florida Trucking Association

Florida Trucking Info

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Medical Examination Report

Medical Examiner's Certificate

Weigh Station Listing

Weigh Station Map

NPDES Stormwater


Fred Noble, P.E.
State NPDES Administrator

NPDES Stormwater is responsible for statewide oversight and coordination with the Department’s seven district offices and Florida Turnpike Enterprise for activities necessary to comply with its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permits, and associated Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) and water body restoration plans including Basin Management Action Plans (BMAPs) and Reasonable Assurance Plans (RAPs). FDOT manages stormwater throughout the State of Florida in association with construction and operation of its transportation facilities. Stormwater discharges from FDOT projects and facilities are regulated under multiple water pollution control programs, including the NPDES stormwater permitting program. FDOT operates both Phase I and Phase II MS4s throughout the state and is regulated by NPDES MS4 permits issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). Additionally, FDOT is a stakeholder in numerous TMDLs issued by FDEP and the US EPA and participates in many water body restoration plans under the Florida Watershed Restoration Act, including the BMAP and RAP processes.

Maintenance Guide for Stormwater Assets (SWAM)

SAMS Public Viewer and Training Videos

NPDES Spill Prevention, Containment and Response Training

Tier 1 Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Training

FDOT NPDES MS4 Statewide Stormwater Management Plan
PDF - 5.6 MB - Rev. Date 9/2012

Performance Management


Kirk W. Hutchison
Performance Management Manager

Performance Management is responsible for the Maintenance Management System (MMS); providing technical support for the Maintenance Rating Program (MRP), Maintenance features in the Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI),TRNSPORT, PONTIS, VIRTIS, and ASABE; also providing IT technical support to both the Office of Maintenance and Permit Office’s personal computer network, servers, and associated peripheral equipment; creating, updating, and maintaining the Office of Maintenance Internet and SharePoint web sites, including the Rest Area Comment System.

Asset Maintenance

Bridge Work Order Handbook
PDF - 1,870 KB

Maintenance Cost Handbook
PDF - 186 KB

Overweight/Over-Dimensional Permits

Rest Areas

Program Resources


Michael J. Soto
Program Resources Manager

Program Resources is responsible for overseeing the Adopt-A-Highway and the Youth Work Experience programs, establishes and submits the statewide Maintenance budget, monitors budget allotments, procures goods and services, executes contracts/purchase orders, encumbers funds and monitors expenditures for all budget categories for four cost centers. Other administrative duties include but are not limited to human resources, coordinating quality assurance reviews and related travel arrangements, developing statewide maintenance commodity and services contracts, commodity inventory control and coordinating correspondence from the general public, Executive Office of the Governor, Legislature and the FDOT Secretary.


Asset Maintenance

Youth Work Experience Program

Tier 1 Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Training

Roadway Operations


Kristin Tadlock
Roadway Maintenance Engineer

Roadway Operations is responsible for developing policies and procedures, providing technical support, and conducting quality assurance reviews in the areas related to traffic services, roadway permits, roadway and roadside maintenance, and fleet management. Other responsibilities include managing the State Sign Shop, maintaining and reviewing the maintenance rating program (MRP) statewide, managing the Department’s in house and commercial fuel program, and reviewing all district mobile equipment purchase requisitions.

A Guide for Roadside Vegetation Management
PDF - 6.1 MB - Rev. Date 2-25-13

A Guide for Tree and Palm Maintenance Along Florida Roadsides
PDF - 6.86 MB - Rev. Date 1-14-20

Guide For Roadside Wildflower Management
PDF - 129 KB - Rev. Date 3-15-17

Temporary Traffic Control

Invasive Species

Maintenance Rating Program

Memorial Markers

One-Stop Permitting

Rest Area Military Memorial Monuments

Sign Shop Documents

Wildflower Program

Annual High Mast Light Pole Maintenance Checklist
Excel - 14 KB - Rev. Date 12-11-14

A Guide for Tree and Palm Maintenance Along Florida Roadsides
PDF - 7.03 MB - Rev. Date 01-16-20

Structures Operations


Felix Padilla
State Structures Maintenance Engineer

Structures Operations has statewide oversight of FDOT’s bridge inspection, bridge management, bridge repair and bridge rehabilitation programs, including budget; provides technical support and oversight for FDOT’s statewide bridge load rating program and management/oversight for FDOT’s overweight and over-dimensional vehicle permit program; and through the Aluminum Fabrication Shop maintains and deploys temporary bridging for construction projects and for emergency operations; and manufactures aluminum products for use on FDOT’s highway system.

State Aluminum Structures Shop
2590 Camp Road
Oviedo, FL 32765
(407) 977-6520

ACROW Bridge

Bridge Information

Bridge Inspection

Bridge Load Rating

FDOT Owned Railroad Inspection

Overweight/Overdimensional Permits

Tunnel Inspection



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