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Start DateTitlePrincipal InvestigatorUniversity / AgencyProject ManagerEstimated Completion DateProject Scope (Contract No.)
4/17/2021Confinement Effect of Narrow Baseplates or Reaction Area on Anchor Breakout - Part 2Suksawang, NakinFlorida Institute of TechnologyNolan, Steven 1/5/2023BDV28 977-09 
4/7/2021Skewed Steel I-Girder Bridges - Phase 2 Heat and Linebeck Engineers Young, Vickie4/7/2022TBD 
1/19/2021Quantifying the Effect of UHPC Fiber Dispersion and Orientation in Structural MembersZhang, Qian Florida State UniversityFreeman, Christina1/31/2022BDV30 977-34 
1/15/2021Detailing of Externally Bonded FRP for Shear StrengtheningSuksawang, NakinFlorida Institute of TechnologyPotter, Will1/31/2022BEA90 
5/01/2020Vessel Past Point UpdateConsolazio, Gary University of Florida
Kosar, Matt4/30/2022BDV31 977-134 
 5/01/2020Temperature Effects in Match Cast Segmental Bridge Construction Kyle Riding  University of Florida Will Potter 5/15/2022BDV31-977-132 
4/7/2020Strength and Constructability of a Double Composite Steel Box GirderSuksawang, NakinFlorida Institute of TechnologyVasconcelos, Bruno6/30/2023BE950 
2/18/2020Inspection of Flexible Filled TendonsBrown JeffEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityPadilla, Felix6/14/2023BE932 
2/13/2020Evaluate Effects from Shored Construction on Steel Composite BridgesSu, DanEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityBehring, Zachary2/28/2022BE929 
2/27/2020Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil PiersWasman, ScottUniversity of FloridaJones, Larry10/1/2022TBD 
2/26/2019Epoxy Dowel Pile Splice EvaluationMehrabi, ArminFlorida International University



4/3/2019Development of GFRP Reinforced Single Slope Bridge Rail Consolazio, GaryUniversity of Florida Freeman, Christina 10/30/2021BDV31-977-110 
1/31/2019Evaluation of Concrete Pile to Footing or Cap ConnectionsGarber, David Florida International University Freeman, Christina 1/31/2022BDV29-977-51 
5/6/2018Thermal Gradient in Steel Straddle PiersYoung and Goldsberry FDOTGolabek, Dennis 12/31/2022  
Evaluation of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymers (GFRP) Spirals in Corrosion Resistant Concrete PilesJung, Sungmoon Florida State University  Freeman, Christina 12/30/2022BDV30-977-27 
1/29/2018Flexural Capacity of Concrete Elements with Unbonded and Bonded PrestressingConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaPotter, William11/1/2021BDV31 977-93 
1/3/2018Shear Friction Capacity of Corrugated Pipe Connection in Precast FootingsGarber, DavidFlorida International UniversityVasconcelos, Bruno10/30/2021BDV29 977-39 
3/13/2017Sunshine Skyway Bridge Monitoring Phase II: System DevelopmentBridge, JenniferUniversity of FloridaHampton, Marshall2/28/2020BDV31 977-73 
2/27/2017Shear Behavior of Webs Post-Tensioned with Tendons Containing Flexible FillersHamilton, TreyUniversity of FloridaVasconcelos, Bruno8/15/2021BDV31 977-71 
2/22/2017Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Traffic Railings for Impact LoadingConsolazio, GaryUniversity of FloridaWagner, David6/30/2021BDV31 977-72 
2/1/2017Large Bars Spliced in UHPC for Bridge Substructure ConnectionsFreeman, ChristinaFDOTPotter, Will8/30/2021  
4/13/2016Florida Slab Beam Bridge with Ultra-High Performance Concrete Joint ConnectionsGarber, DavidFlorida International UniversityFreeman, Christina12/31/2021BDV29 977-28