The Bituminous Material Systems Section of the State Materials Office is involved in a wide variety of activities related to the design, construction and testing of asphalt pavements in the State of Florida. The Mission of the unit is to ensure and improve the performance of asphalt pavements by testing, research, development of specifications and procedures, training and inspection. It is our long-term Vision to have Florida's asphalt pavements recognized as the best in the country.

Principal activities that support our mission include specification development, asphalt mix design verification, technical support of on-going construction projects, research, Inspection-In-Depth's, binder testing, pavement failure investigations, training and pavement recycling activities, just to name a few.

The unit is subdivided into the following operations:  

Bituminous Laboratory

Bituminous Field Operations

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  • Engineering Analysis Reporting (EAR)

Bituminous Research


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