Office of Environmental Management


The OEM team takes pride in developing and maintaining environmental policy, procedures, manuals, and guidelines. OEM established and continues to implement the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM) and Project Development and Environment (PD&E) processes which are important steps in delivering transportation projects to Florida communities. OEM also administers the FDOT NEPA Assignment established in 2016. Within our office we have four divisions, each with their own areas of expertise. Working together ensures quality processes are developed and implemented within every sub-discipline. Collectively, the Divisions perform quality assurance reviews, provide training and direction, as well as coordinate with other state and federal agencies, FDOT Districts, and others. In addition, OEM includes the State Transportation Resilience Officer who coordinates interdepartmentally and with other state agencies creating policies and procedures to ensure projects are developed with resilience in mind.

The engineering section provides statewide technical and engineering expertise in all areas related to physical environmental considerations in association with transportation actions in all phases of project development, planning through maintenance. Physical environmental considerations and program areas include air quality, highway noise, water quality and contamination.  

The environmental section maintains the PD&E Manual which outlines procedures for adherence to the NEPA and its implementing regulations in addition to applicable state environmental laws. This environmental review team provides statewide technical expertise in areas related to natural, cultural, and community resource considerations in association with transportation actions in all phases of project development, from planning through operation and maintenance. Program areas include wildlife and habitat, wetlands and permitting, historic, archaeological, tribal, socio-cultural and public involvement. 

The process and performance section is responsible for the administrative and technology-based functions of the Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM) program. This section is responsible for the maintenance of the ETDM Manual which outlines the ETDM process and implementation. This includes facilitating interagency agreements and performance reporting that support OEM’s program delivery. It provides general technology resource support for the Office and is responsible for tracking office reviews of legislative proposals requested by the Legislative Programs Office.

The business and office management section is responsible for contract and budget management, invoicing, and office administration. They coordinate frequently with federal and state regulatory agencies in support of the FDOT Efficient Transportation and Decision Making (ETDM) Process and prepare and provide training for the ETDM Funded Position Handbook. The group also regularly coordinates with the FDOT Comptroller, Financial Services, Procurement, and Work Program Offices.