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What We Do & Why We Do It

Transportation related manufactured products are introduced to the Department from a variety of sources. Identified MOT (Maintenance of Traffic) devices, Traffic Operations equipment, hardware and manufactured products related to transportation are processed through the Product Evaluation Section of the State Materials Office, to verify compliance with FDOT Specifications.

Karen Byram: Product Evaluation Administrator, 850-414-4353, 
Missy Hollis: Product Evaluation Coordinator- Specifications, (850) 414 - 4182,
Sarah Smith: Product Evaluation Specialist- PATH System Administrator, (850) 414 - 4776, Product Evaluation group email

NOTICE: Florida has a broad public records law. Most written communications to or from state officials are public records that will be disclosed upon request. Do not provide Proprietary Product information or Trade Secrets to our office unless specifically requested. Contact us if you have any questions.

PATH: Product Application and Tracking History

The PATH System contains the Approved Product List (APL), as well as Manufacturer information and other product history. It is used to track product applications, technical expert reviews, automated reminders, and recertifications.

The following step-by-step guides are available:




Creating an ISA (Internet Subscriber Account) and initial PATH account information.
This is the starting point for all new manufacturers/distributors and their representative(s).

Password Reset

Resetting ISA password (the PATH login password used by those without an FDOT userID)

Contact Change

Updating your name, phone, email for your ISA account. See the PATH Contact Change for additional fields.

APL Application

Creating an application- the starting point for all new products. Note: For product changes or document updates, see the Product Change instructions below; the process is similar to a new APL application, with the application type in the secondary step selected as "Product Change" 

Additional Submittal

Uploading Additional documents (photos, lab reports, safety data sheet, label, or other product literature) for your product application/recertification. 

PATH Contact Change

Updating address, phone, and notification preferences used by PATH. Instructions include selection of whether individual is included in correspondence and/or displayed on PATH public pages.

Manufacturer Demographic Change

Update the manufacturer’s name, address, and phone number.

IPL Application IPL products have been moved to the APL. Please use the APL Application above.

Product Change

Similar to a new "APL Application", the Product Change application creates a new "Product Change" application to update an existing APL product. User may be prompted to upload compliance matrix documentation (test reports, Safety data sheet, label, warranty or other) per the applicable specification. 
To assist the Technical Expert/Reviewer, add a comment to the application explaining product change(s). Note: Minor product changes will be reviewed for continued compliance with current specifications. Major product changes may result in new APL number being assigned. 


Similar to a new "APL Application", the Requalification application creates a new "Requalification" application to update an existing APL product. All products must be requalified periodically, per the specification. Updated test reports, photos, samples, and/or compliance matrix documentation may be required for some product types. Users registered for the company will receive an automated reminder 90 and 30 days prior to requalification date.

Product Deficiency Reporting

Report possible deficiencies of any APL product. This may be used by Contractors, Inspectors, Technical Experts, or any member of the public. Contact information, photos, and/or other documentation are requested, but not required.  All reported deficiencies will be investigated per the specifications and Product Evaluation procedure.

Unassigned Product Application

This application is used for Products that do not currently have an applicable FDOT specification, including selected research and innovative products. Supporting documentation, including test reports, product data sheets, and/or product photos may be helpful with FDOT’s review by Technical Experts. Contact Product Evaluation for further guidance.

Product Details Form "BABA Form" 

This form may be requested for selected product types to help FDOT with documenting a product/product type's BABA classification as Iron/Steel, Manufactured Product, or Construction Material. See below for Build America, Buy America (BABA) information.


FDOT’s Build America, Buy America Compliance

FDOT is required to implement the Build America, Buy America Act, Public Law 117-58.  This requires federally funded projects to incorporate only domestically produced iron, steel, manufactured products, and construction materials into projects.

FDOT Implementation: FDOT will comply with all Federal requirements. The following general implementation plan is shown below. See project specific contract documents for complete requirements. See the  FDOT BABA Implementation Plan Frequently Asked Questions document for additional implementation plan guidance.

  • All contracts executed prior to December 31, 2022 will remain unchanged.
  • For projects let January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023, all permanently incorporated materials must have the domestic content identified, per M-22-11. Many products may be exempt with the FHWA Manufactured Products waiver. 
  • For projects let on or after January 1, 2024, the 2 CFR 184 Guidance and M-24-02 are in effect. Many products changed from "Manufactured Products" to "Construction Materials" classification, per the updated Federal guidance. See the APL for product specific classifications.

FDOT Product Documentation: Product eligibility (BABA compliance) will be documented through the APL.

  • Contractors: See the available products on the APL. Additional products may be submitted for consideration (BABA and specification compliance). Product Evaluation will contact the manufacturer to request necessary documentation.
  • FDOT Construction Engineers and Inspectors: Document the APL number for all permanently installed products, per MAC (Materials Acceptance and Certification) system instructions.
  • Manufacturers: All manufacturers are encouraged to review the 2 CFR 184 guidance. Products may be submitted for consideration through the PATH/APL process above. FDOT’s Product Detail form, "BABA Form" may be used to help to determine the appropriate BABA category. 


Additional Resources

See below for additional FDOT links, documents, and resources.



The State Specifications Office's specs, including the current e-book, workbook, Developmental Specifications, and more. 


The Traffic Engineering Research Laboratory (TERL) conducts evaluations of transportation devices for listing on the Approved Product List (APL), develops specifications, and implements research projects. Product Compliance Matrices (checklist for specification requirements), Request for Product Consideration form, and additional documentation requirements are available.

Design Publications

Standard Plans, Florida Design Manual, CADD Manual, and other helpful documents from the Office of Design.

Luminaire Compliance Matrices

The Roadway Design Office conducts evaluations of Luminaires, develops specifications, and implements research projects. Product Compliance Matrices for Luminaires include: Conventional, High Mast, Sign, and Wildlife Sensitive.

Contact Database

The Contact Management System/E-Updates is a "self service" area where FDOT, Consultants and others can register for information pertinent to their jobs, including changes to: Specifications, Standards, Manuals, and Bulletins. 

Requalification ScheduleThe requalification schedule shows the frequency ( 2 to 6 year cycle) and requirements (sample, test report, etc.) for periodic requalification, based on product type. Automated notices are sent to the manufacturer's listed contacts in advance of requalification. Failure to respond to a requalification notice may result in removal of the affected product. 
FDOT Approval Letter
Guidance to Manufacturers on the "Use of Certification/ Approval Letter, Department Name, Logo and Mark of Conformity". Includes rights and responsibilities regarding use of FDOT information in documents, brochures, catalogs, web sites, or advertising,