Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations for the project. The Project Management Section is responsible for coordinating with all offices under the Office of Design and throughout the Department to provide tools necessary to deliver quality projects on schedule, on budget. We develop and implement consistent and efficient Project Management practices for the delivery of safe transportation projects in Florida. Our mission is to preserve and improve the Florida Transportation System through consistent and efficient use of Project Management tools and Practices. We often hire Consultant Project Managers to help deliver the transportation Work Program as well.

Project Management Contacts


Responsible Area Telephone

Robert Quigley

State Project Management Engineer (850) 414-4356

Bobby Bull

Scope of Services & Staff Hour Estimation, Project Management Training (850) 414-4373
Mariano Amicarelli   3D Deliverables, Online Scoping, Project Management Guide (850) 414-4346

Sid Kamath

Consultant Evaluation, Errors and Omissions, PM Handbook (850) 414-4343

Brian Martin

Training Coordinator, Transportation Symposium, PE Training Program (850) 414-4153

Project Management Areas

Consultant Evaluation


The Department contracts with consultants to provide a variety of services. The Consultant Evaluation Process provides the Department with a means of evaluating the work performance of those consultants. For all professional services contracts, the consultant's work performance for each advertised major type of work must be evaluated by the Department's project manager. The consultant for each contract will be evaluated in the following areas: Schedule, Management, Quality& Constructability (for those contracts that produce construction plans).



Actual evaluations are conducted in the FDOT Consultant Evaluation (CE) internal application. A valid FDOT Login must be acquired prior to using this system.



The Department's Procedure Number 375-030-007 prescribes the process  for evaluating and reporting Professional Services Consultant work performance.


Errors and Omissions (E&O)


The Department employs professional consulting engineers to provide design engineering and construction engineering and inspection services. While consultants are accountable for the technical accuracy and quality of their work, consultant-prepared construction plans and contract documents may contain errors or omissions; as a result, cost and time overruns may occur on a construction project. Cost and time overruns may also occur on a construction project because of a breach of the consultant CEI contract.

The Department’s Procedure Number 375-020-010 prescribes the process to identify and investigate Errors and Omissions by Design consultants and CEI consultants.

Districts track E&O resolution of E&O issues using the Resolution Tracking Module (RTM) of ProjectSuite Enterprise Edition (PSEE), which is an internal FDOT application. Districts have Errors and Omissions Liaison Contacts to assist with E&O issues. See the list below.


Project Management Handbook

The Project Management Handbook and corresponding computer based trainings (CBTs) have been removed from the Project Management web page and Learning Curve. A new Project Management Guide will be developed over the next year to replace the Project Management Handbook. The CBTs will not be updated and will no longer be available however the Project Management Webinar Series will remain available. The target date for the release of the new Project Management Guide is January 1, 2020. Refer to PSM18-03 for additional information. Contact Bobby Bull if there is a need to request specific information from the retired FDOT Project Management Handbook.


Standard Scope of Services and Staff Hour Estimation Guidelines


Detailed descriptions of the work efforts (Activities and Tasks) for uniform and consistent project scoping and a basis or range of staff hours required to complete every project task. The Guidelines consist of the Scope of Services files (MS Word documents), the Staff Hour Forms and the Staff Hour Estimation Basis (MS Excel spreadsheets).



P.E. Training Program


The Professional Engineer (P.E.) Training Program is the Department's premier instructional opportunity for graduate engineers, leading to professional registration and a career path in the exciting world of transportation engineering. The four-year, two-phase training program encompasses all aspects of the Department's operations and prepares the trainee for a role in organizational leadership.



Project Managers Toolbox


Tools to help Project Managers develop and deliver a quality product.


District Consultant Project Management Engineers (DCPME)

District  Contact Telephone
1 Kevin Ingle 863-519-2740
2 Ryan Asmus 386-961-7443
3 Kerrie Harrell 850-330-1513
4 John Olson 954-777-4452
5 Suzanne Phillips 386-943-5141
6 Judy Solaun-Gonzalez 305-470-5343
7 Tracy Hood 813-975-6158
Turnpike Paul Satchfield 407-264-3458

Errors and Omissions Liaisons

District Name Telephone
CO Sid Kamath 850-414-4343
1 Sean Pugh 239-225-1925
2 Belqis Majboor 386-961-7444
3 Kevin Fussell 850-330-1456
4 Bing Wang 954-777-4406
5 Jeffrey Cicerello 386-943-5416
6 Nathaniel Pulido 305-470-5207
7 Frank Chupka 813-975-6162
Turnpike Patrick Muench 407-264-3988

District Project Management Sites


District Project Management Sites