This Structural Material Systems Unit performs research, testing, inspection and chemical analysis of materials used in the transportation infrastructure of the State of Florida.

The unit is comprised of the following four groups:

Chemistry Laboratory

Corrosion and Materials Durability

Field Operations

Materials Evaluation and Research 

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FDOT/Concrete Technical Council



Concrete Related Specifications and Documents

-- 08/2010 to 01/2013 [PDF-469KB]

-- 01/2008 to 07/2010 [PDF-340KB]

-- 01/2013 to 01/2015 [PDF-336KB]

-- 01/2015 to 01/2017 [PDF-348KB]


Section 353: Concrete Pavement Slab Replacement [PDF-121KB]



Compressive Strength Laboratory Worksheet Example [XLSX-20KB]


Concrete Sample / Lot Numbering System and Report [PDF-53KB]


Curing Compound Flow Chart [PDF-18KB]


FHWA - High Performance Concrete Exchange (TBD)


Plant Stamps


Water for Concrete At-A-Glance (Specification 923) [PDF-599KB]

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