The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program endeavors to provide a safe transportation system that ensures the mobility of people and goods, enhances economic prosperity, and preserves the quality of our environment and communities.

The ITS Program is divided into five areas and a new initiative:

The connected vehicle initiative uses leading edge technologies to quickly identify roadway hazards and alert drivers. Among others, these technologies include:
  • Wireless communications
  • Vehicle sensors
  • Global positioning system navigation


  • Promote ITS deployments on Florida's roadways, develop standards, maintain the ITS Strategic Plan, and implement a systems engineering process to support procurement and deployment of ITS
  • Deploy advanced traveler information systems and 511
  • Develop and update the ITS standards and specifications
  • Provide technical support and assistance to FDOT's District Offices and other partners
  • Promote and coordinate the statewide use of robust, non-proprietary ITS standards.

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ITS Communications

  • Guide deployment of a communications backbone to serve ITS deployments on major corridors
  • Manage and update the Statewide ITS Communications Network to support ITS deployments
  • Manage the maintenance program for the Statewide ITS Communications Network to support ITS deployments and various ITS research and development initiatives
  • Manage the Federal Communications Commission statewide radio license database
  • Manage the Wireless General Manager Agreement, a resource sharing public/private partnership which places commercial wireless carriers on FDOT rights-of-way, with American Tower Corporation

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ITS Software and Architecture

  • Manage the SunGuide ® Software System for freeway and incident management, transportation management center interoperability, and data archiving.
  • Manage the Statewide ITS Architecture to promote integrated ITS regions, corridors, and projects.
  • Coordinate ITS training to enhance the quality and quantity of the State’s ITS workforce.
  • Unified traffic information and management system for the State of Florida ITS traffic data.

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Statewide Arterial Management Program (STAMP)

  • A Technical Memorandum on Adaptive Signal Control Technologies
  • Traffic Signal Maintenance and Compensation Agreement

Managed Lanes

  • Statewide Policy, Procedures, Manuals, and Guidance for Managed Lanes Which Includes Express Lanes
  • Statewide Toll and Express Lane Team
  • Regional Concept of Transportation Operations
  • Express Lane Concept of Operations
  • Change Management Process for Statewide Express Lane Software
  • Statewide Methodology for Determining Ingress/Egress To/From Express Lanes

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