SunGuide Software

In November 2001, the combined Florida and Michigan Departments of Transportation (DOT) Transportation Management Center (TMC) Software Study recommended development of FDOT’s SunGuide® software. SunGuide software enables Florida TMCs to integrate numerous hardware, software, and network applications as well as exchange data with other TMCs. Because SunGuide standardizes common TMC functions, it helps the various FDOT District facilities become more interoperable so their systems operate better together. SunGuide software initially, and continually, leverages Texas DOT's original software investment, reducing Florida's costs.


SunGuide software is based on an open architecture and enables users to manage multiple subsystems. For example, operators can use the software to perform incident management tasks, obtain data from vehicle detection systems, display videos from roadside cameras, and alert motorists with messages on dynamic message signs and highway advisory radio, or by using the Florida 511 (FL511) advanced traveler information system.                      

Key Features

  • Allows TMC operators to monitor roadside sensors and closed-circuit television cameras to quickly and effectively detect, verify, respond to, and clear incidents
  • Provides real-time traffic information to the FL511 phone system and website at
  • Standardizes data exchange between TMCs
  • Automates interface with the Florida Highway Patrol's computer-aided dispatch system to receive incident information
  • Uses an open architecture making it easy to add new features
  • Complies with state and national standards, lowering costs and risks
  • Communicates with Road Ranger service patrol field computers
  • Supports 95 Express Lane dynamic pricing
  • Supports law enforcement with dissemination of AMBER (America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response), SILVER, and Florida's LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) alerts via dynamic message signs and FL511
  • Communicates with connected vehicle roadside infrastructure to receive traffic information and disseminate traffic advisory messages

Devices Supported by SunGuide Software

SunGuide Software supports various devices, including:

  • Dynamic message signs
  • Variable speed limit signs
  • Toll message signs (toll rate signs, lane status signs)
  • Ramp signals
  • Road weather Information Sensors
  • Highway advisory radios
  • Safety barrier cable system
  • Closed-circuit television cameras
  • Road sensors/detectors
  • Video wall
  • Toll equipment (license plate readers and automatic vehicle identification devices)
  • Connected vehicle roadside infrastructure equipment

What are the Benefits?

Florida has 13 TMCs using the software, including FDOT Districts, toll authorities, and local agencies.

Benefits include:

  • Highly modular software design with easily expandable environment and high degree of supportability with evolving technologies
  • Lower risk through the use of state and national standards (e.g. National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol)
  • Uniform statewide performance measures
  • Lower software maintenance cost compared to maintenance of individual TMC software products
  • Less software training required due to use of common training materials; provides more qualified operations and maintenance personnel.

SunGuide Software Development Process

FDOT applied systems engineering throughout the SunGuide software development life cycle. Following the Vee diagram outlined in the Florida System Engineering Management Plan, each software release has gone through rigorous phases from Conception, Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation, to Integration and Testing, System Acceptance, Operation, and Maintenance.

SunGuide Software Users Group

A SunGuide Software User's Group was established to oversee and manage ITS deployments in Florida, with specific emphasis on implementing needed changes in a deliberate, controlled manner that takes into account the impact on regional and statewide systems.

To see the meeting minutes from the SSUG meetings, please visit the SSUG page

SunGuide Software Features

ReleaseKey FeaturesRelease Year
6.0Enhanced scheduled action subsystem and video on desktop, added configurable minimum number of volume for TSS alert, bulk update for AVLRR, updated logging of CCTV, DMS, MAS, TSS, SAA, and TVT, and dual support of Oracle and SQL Server databases.2013-2015
6.1Added beacon management subsystem, configuration file editor, CCTV driver, NTCIP version 2 &3, support for the Click!512 device to detect Wrong Way Driving incidents, and Nokia publisher to the SunGuide installation. Modified permission architecture, unified executive handler, and created RWIS simulator.     2015-2016
6.2Added year field in vehicles, support for WAZE alert and BlueMAC devices, different AutoFocus and AutoIris commands, and toggle settings for C2C devices. Modified EM to add sort order, DMS to force blank, and EM to allow comments through audit.2016-2017
7.0Added traffic control, managed lanes, and truck parking subsystems. Converted the administration dialog of AVL, CCTV, VS, DMS, EM, and TVT from admin editor to operator map. Converted AVLRR, CCTV, EM, SAA, TSS, and VW subsystems to window presentation foundation (WPF) dialog in the operator map.2017-Present

For additional information, please contact Christine Shafik at Christine.Shafik@dot.state.fl.usor visit the project website