Florida ITS Operations Network / Statewide Microwave System

FDOT's ITS Communications Program Management coordinates deployment of a Florida ITS Operations Network (FION), interconnecting regional transportation management centers (RTMC) across the state. This FION provides an operational network allowing Florida's RTMCs to share traffic information, ITS roadside device control, and video images.

The FION increases the operational effectiveness and efficiency of the interconnected RTMCs and their operators to maximize the potential benefits of ITS in Florida on a statewide basis. These benefits include enhancing mobility and safety, providing coordinated transportation services within and between FDOT Districts (including Florida's Turnpike Enterprise), and improving incident management.

The FION operations is headquartered and managed from the Barry Building in Tallahassee. A network manager is stationed to provide oversight and provisioning of the FION.

The FION provides connectivity throughout the state by utilizing the statewide microwave system (SMS). The SMS supports video and data sharing between operational RTMCs. The SMS uses a digital DS-3 backbone to create a seamless and blended statewide network. The SMS has a data network overlay to facilitate data and video transport across the state. This high-speed data network can transmit up to 48 Mbps between hub sites and up to 3 Mbps from remote sites to hub sites. The SMS can also support transmission of multiple streams of Intranet-based traffic information from remote field devices to RTMCs connected to the microwave system data network.

The FION takes advantage of FDOT Districts' installed fiber optic facilities, where available, along with the SMS in other areas, to effectively complete interconnections. The FION will advance ITS in Florida by providing statewide interconnectivity for the RTMCs.

FDOT’s SMS includes installation and maintenance of microwave radios, fiber optic multiplexers, channel banks, timing and synchronization equipment, network management systems, and adequate lightning protection and grounding at all relevant sites. The SMS increases capacity at the transportation management centers to accommodate ITS deployment and communications capability.

For additional information, please contact Kenny Shiver at Kenneth.Shiver@dot.state.fl.us.