Change Management Board


The FDOT TSM&O Software and Architecture program area is responsible for developing systems that are compatible with each other and that ensure a seamless network of ITS functions along Florida's major transportation corridors. Change management is the process FDOT uses to monitor changes and their effects.

SunGuide® Software is the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT’s) advanced traffic management software. Since its inception in 2003, SunGuide Software has continued to evolve to meet its users’ needs and stay current with technological advancements. To ensure the State of Florida implements change in SunGuide Software consistently from District to District and from agency to agency, the State Traffic Engineering and Operations (TEO) Office, Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) Program, has established a statewide Change Management Board (CMB) and developed standards for the SunGuide Software enhancement requests. 

A change management process document, Change Management Board Process for Enhancement to SunGuide® Software, was developed to guide the CMB. This document, which was approved by the CMB on August 30, 2022, describes the process by which the CMB operates. It is anticipated that the CMB will meet a minimum of three times per year.


Change Management Board Agenda Record

CMB Meeting minutes:

For previous CMB Meeting minutes, please see the Change Management Board Archive.

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