Office of Environmental Management

Software Downloads

The files provided for downloading on this page are self-extracting zipped files. Save them to your hard drive, then execute them to extract the program files. Some of these programs and their documentation are also available for purchase from the Florida Department of Transportation Maps and Publications Office.

Environmental Air Quality Programs

Computer Requirements
CO Florida 2012 has been created to run on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems. The program requires that the .net Framework 4 is installed (already part of most modern computers). If CO Florida 2012 installs, but will not run, please install .net Framework 4. This software ( .net Framework 4 ) is available for a free download directly from Microsoft at:

Download the COFL 2012 Screening Model setup file from the FDOT Website. Once the file has been downloaded, you can simply double-click on the file COFLsetup.exe and it will install directly to your computer. Alternatively, click the Start button, then go to Run. Locate the installation file COFLsetup.exe using the Browse button or type in the drive plus COFLsetup.exe.