Systems Management

Traffic Analysis

Traffic Analysis is the process of evaluating the effect of traffic demand and supply on the performance of a transportation facility in relation to meeting goals and objectives of the facility.  The Department developed the Traffic Analysis Handbook and the Project Traffic Forecasting Handbook to provide guidance on the requirements of traffic analysis.

The FDOT’s Traffic Analysis Handbook is intended to be used by transportation practitioners who prepare or review traffic analyses for FDOT projects. 

The Project Traffic Forecasting Handbook is intended to provide guidance on developing project traffic estimates are required for planning, Project Development and Environment (PD&E) studies, and Resurfacing, Restoration and Rehabilitation (RRR) projects. Traffic analyses of the Project Traffic Forecasting process evaluate the impacts of proposed transportation facilities and assess the effectiveness of the improvements. The FDOT Design Manual (Chapter 306) requires traffic data consistent with the data used for pavement design to be included for each typical section. The Project Traffic Forecasting Handbook offers guidelines and techniques for Corridor Traffic Forecasting studies, Project-Level Traffic Forecasting studies, and 18-KIP Equivalent Single Axle Load (ESAL) studies.


Other Documents and Tools

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