The Right of Way Procedures Manual is an internal guidance document for agency use and does not require compliance by citizens or persons outside the Florida Department of Transportation.

Entire Right of Way Procedures Manual as a Searchable File (*.pdf, 8 mb)
Updated 5/22/2019

Section Title Revision Date Format/Size
1.1 Right of Way Procedures Manual 05/22/2019 pdf, 68kb
6.1 Appraisal and Appraisal Review 01/01/2014 pdf, 458kb
6.2 Supplemental Standards of Appraisal 01/01/2014 pdf, 528kb
6.3 Right of Way Cost Estimating 02/22/2008 pdf, 34kb
7.1 Advance Acquisition 01/10/2019 pdf, 324kb
7.2 Negotiation Process 10/30/2018 pdf, 324kb
7.3 Incentive Offers 10/11/2016 pdf, 45kb
7.4 Fees and Costs 07/30/2018 pdf, 42kb
7.5 Legal Documents and Land Acquisition Closing 06/28/2017 pdf, 285kb
7.6 Eminent Domain 06/21/2017 pdf, 367kb
7.7 Public Disclosure 05/19/2017 pdf, 45kb
7.8 Right of Way Resolutions 12/01/2017 pdf, 194kb
7.9 Business Damages 08/09/2017 pdf, 152kb
7.10 Acquisition of Rights of Way from Governmental Agencies 05/19/2017 pdf, 51kb
7.11 Contaminated Parcels 06/11/2018 pdf, 40kb
7.12 Acquisition via Exchange 04/13/2017 pdf, 26kb
7.13 Internal Revenue Service Reporting Requirements 02/16/2017 pdf, 148kb
7.14 Donation of Right of Way 06/28/2017 pdf, 170kb
7.15 Land Title 05/18/2017 pdf, 218kb
7.16 Right of Way Certification 02/15/2017 pdf, 32kb
9.1 Relocation Assistance Program 01/07/2019 pdf, 154kb
9.2 General Relocation Requirements 10/01/2014 pdf, 200kb
9.3 Payment for Moving and Related Expenses 05/19/2017 pdf, 259kb
9.4 Replacement Housing Payments 06/05/2019 pdf, 503kb
9.5 Relocation Assistance for Mobile Homes 01/09/2019 pdf, 286kb
9.6 Last Resort Housing 01/09/2019 pdf, 123kb
10.1 Inventory of Properties Acquired through the Right of Way Process; Rodent Control Inspections; Maintenance 05/03/2010 pdf, 130kb
10.2 Right of Way Clearing 07/21/2017 pdf, 186kb
10.3 Leasing from the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund (T.I.I.T.F.) 04/29/2009 pdf, 62kb
10.4 Roadway Reservations 01/24/2019 pdf, 22kb
10.5 Disposal of Surplus Real Property 07/24/2018 pdf, 305kb
10.6 Right of Way Property Leases 12/20/2018 pdf, 329kb
10.7 Asbestos Management 10/31/2012 pdf, 192kb
10.9 Joint Public/Private Development of Right of Way 07/21/2017 pdf, 92kb
11.1 Funds Management 07/01/2008 pdf, 95kb
11.2 Warrant Control 07/28/2009 pdf, 110kb
11.3 Right of Way Records Management 07/28/2009 pdf, 192kb
11.4 Right of Way Project Closing 07/28/2009 pdf, 82kb
12.1 Outdoor Advertising Signs 05/10/2017 pdf, 85kb
13.1 Right of Way Training Program 03/06/2013 pdf, 162kb
Guide 1 Guidance Document for Partial Acquisition Involving Building Cut-Offs & Refacing 01/19/2001 pdf, 42kb
Guide 2 Guidance Document for Right of Way Cost Estimates 01/07/2011 pdf, 61kb
Guide 3 Guidance Document for Right of Way Outdoor Advertising Valuation 08/18/1997 pdf, 30kb
Guide 4 Guidance Document for Potential Displacements Caused by Partial Acquisitions 12/19/2000 pdf, 23kb
Guide 5 Guidance Document for Right of Way Requirements for Local Agency Projects Funded through the Department and for State Highway System Projects Funded and Constructed by Others 06/28/2017 pdf, 129kb
Guide 6 Administrative Settlements 05/31/2017 pdf, 130kb
Guide 7 Portability of the "Save Our Homes" Benefit 05/23/2017 pdf, 272kb
Guide 8 Right of Way Training Program 03/06/2013 pdf, 150kb
Guide 9 Right of Way Encroachments 07/10/2008 pdf, 32kb
Guide 10 Guidance for Local Government Match Right of Way Contribution for Growth Management (TRIP) Projects 05/31/2017 pdf, 139kb
Guide 11 Temporary Waiver of Methodology for Calculating Replacement Housing Payment for Negative Equity 04/22/2014 pdf, 200kb
Guide 12 Implementation of MAP-21 Uniform Act Benefit and Eligibility Changes Which "Straddle" the Effective Date of October 1, 2014 08/22/2014 pdf, 228kb

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