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CriteriaBicycle and Pedestrian Facilities
FDOT Design Manual
Plans Preparation Manual
Standard Plans
Office of Design - Standard Plans
Office of Design - Design Standards
Temporary Traffic Control (Maintenance of Traffic)
DrainageCoastal Engineering
Bridge Scour Policy and GuidanceSheppard’s Pier Scour Equations
Florida Complex Pier Procedure
Florida Rock /Clay Scour Procedure
Florida Scour Manual and Training Course
Scour Research Reports
District Drainage InformationDistrict 1
District 2
District 3
District 4
District 5
District 6
District 7
Florida's Turnpike Enterprise
Drainage Connection Permit (Rule 14-86)
Drainage Manual, Handbooks and Design Aids
Drainage Research Projects
Florida - Pipe Advisory Group
Pavement ManagementNational Pavement Rankings
PCS Ride Rankings
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Quality Assurance
Florida GreenbookFlorida Greenbook Subcommittee
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Functional Areas

Complete Streets
Complete Streets Policy
FDOT Context Classification
District Complete Streets Coordinators
FDOT Community    Aesthetic Features
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Florida Roundabouts
Florida Roundabout Resources
Design Bulletins
Archive -  Historical Bulletins, Updates and Memorandums
District Design News
District 3 NewsDistrict 3 Historical News Events
District 4 News
District 6 News
District 7 News
Training  Contact Database
Design Update Training
Temporary Traffic Control (Maintenance of Traffic)
Quality Assurance Training

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