Research Projects

Coastal Engineering

File NameDescriptionFile SizeFile Date
Final-Report-BD-545-42.pdfDesign Hurricane Storm Surge and wave hindcasting Pilot Study-Sheppard-Slinn-Hagen 14mb12/31/06
Storm-Surge-Hydrographs.pdfOpen Coast Storm Surge Hydrographs for Florida’s Coastline Problem Statement Sheppard<1mb 
Wind-Generated-Currents.pdf Wind Generated Currents in Shallow Water<1mb  

Complex Pier Scour

Complex-Pier.pdf  <1mb  
Complex-Pier-Report.pdf Methodology for Estimating Local Scour Depths at Complex Piers Final Report Sheppard<1mb 03/2003
Final-Report-BD-545-34.pdf Improvements in Design Scour Depth Prediction – Final Report - Sheppard6mb 12/2006

Pier Scour

 No Reports n/a  

Pipe Research

FinalReport-SoilBox-BD-530.pdf Load Response Comparison Between Fiber and Steel Reinforced Concrete Pipe – Phase Two       Bloomquist / Chen10mb 02/2009

Rock Scour

BC354-12 RETA-SERF-FinalReport.pdf Design and Construction of Apparatus for Measuring Rate of Water Erosion of Sediments - Sheppard / Bloomquist2mb 06/2005
FDOT-BD545-03-FinalReport.pdf Correlation of Erosion Rate-Shear Stress Relationships with Geotechnical Properties of Rock and Cohesive Sediments - Sheppard / Bloomquist / Slagle2mb 12/2006
I10-ChipolaRiver-FinalReport.pdf Rock Scour Analysis for the I-10 Bridge Crossing of the Chipola River - OEA, Inc.5mb 12/2001
Rate-and-Properties-of-Rock-Erosion.pdf  <1mb  
RockClayScour-01-19-02.pdf Research Proposal / Rate of Erosion Properties of Rock and Clay - Sheppard / Bloomquist<1mb 01/2002


Highway EMCs in District 1Highway EMC Values 09/29/23
Stormwater Management Academy (external link)Environmental Research----
BD521-03-FinalReport-Jan2008.pdf Regional Stormwater Irrigation Facilities - Wanielista15mb 12/2007
FinalReport-1of4-Performance-Assessment-and-Credit.pdf Final Report on Hydraulic Performance Assessment of Pervious Concrete Pavements for Stormwater Management Credit - Wanielista / Chopra<1mb 06/2007
FinalReport-2of4-Construction-and-Maintenance.pdf Final Report on Construction and Maintenance Assessment of Pervious Concrete Pavements - Wanielista / Chopra3mb 06/2007
FinalReport-3of4-Pervious-Concrete-Strength.pdf Final Report on Compressive Strength of Pervious Concrete Pavements - Wanielista / Chopra4mb 06/2007
FinalReport-4of4-FieldTest-of-RestArea-Shoulder.pdf Final Report on Performance Assessment of a Pervious Concrete Pavement Used as a Shoulder for an Interstate Rest Area Parking Lot - Wanielista / Chopra5mb 06/2007
WekivaStudy-1-2004.pdf Wekiva Area Water Budget - Wanielista, et.al5mb01/2004