Roadway Design

Software/ProgramResourceGeneral Description
Design Exception  Safety Analysis ToolSafety-Analysis-Matrix.pdfThis matrix provides designers with some tools available to analyze safety on design projects (Interactive version coming soon)
State Safety Office Crash Reduction FactorsCRFFlorida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Crash Reduction Factors (CRF) for use in benefit-cost analysis.  Includes a link to the CRF Information Guide.
Crash Modification Factor Crash Modification Factors Clearinghouse houses a Web-based database of CMFs along with supporting documentation to help transportation engineers identify the most appropriate countermeasure for their safety needs.
FHWA Proven Safety CountermeasuresFHWA WebsiteFHWA’s Proven Safety Countermeasures initiative (PSCi) is a collection of countermeasures and strategies effective in reducing roadway fatalities and serious injuries on our Nation’s highways.
Roadside Safety Analysis Program (RSAP)RSAPRSAP uses a simulation technique to replicate single-vehicle accidents on a highway facility and can test the effectiveness of the various countermeasures that are used to reduce the severities of these accidents.
Interactive Highway Safety Design Model


www.ihsdm.orgA suite of software analysis tools for evaluating safety and operational effects of geometric design decisions on highways.


IHSDM is a decision-support tool. It checks existing or proposed highway designs against relevant design policy values and provides estimates of a design’s expected safety and operational performance. IHSDM results support decision making in the highway design process. IHSDM currently includes six evaluation modules (Crash Prediction, Design Consistency, Intersection Review, Policy Review, Traffic Analysis, and Driver/Vehicle).


Intended users include highway project managers, designers, and traffic and safety reviewers in State and local highway agencies and engineering consulting firms.
B/C AnalysisBCAnalysis.xlsmBenefit/Cost Analysis Spreadsheet Tool