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Florida Pipe Advisory Group

Florida Pipe Advisory Group


The Florida Pipe Advisory Group (PAG) was created in 1999 to provide feedback to the Department on issues related to the Departments specifications, manuals, and policies on pipe culverts.  The PAG meetings are the Department’s exclusive venue for receiving cross-industry comments and rebuttal.  As such, the meetings are designed to allow constructive, respectful disagreement between competing pipe industries and manufacturers.

PAG Meeting Minutes

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 PAG Meeting Minutes 10-30-13.pdfPAG Meeting Minutes 06-24-04.pdf
 PAG Meeting Minutes 03-16-10.pdfPAG Meeting Minutes 03-03-04.pdf
 PAG Meeting Minutes 10-06-09.pdfPAG Meeting Minutes 09-12-03.pdf
 PAG Meeting Minutes10-07-08.pdfPAG Meeting Minutes 04-22-03.pdf
 PAG Meeting Minutes 04-26-07.pdf PAG Meeting Minutes 01-21-03.pdf
 PAG Meeting Minutes 10-28-05.pdf PAG Meeting Minutes 09-12-02.pdf 
 PAG Meeting Minutes 06-03-05.pdfPAG Meeting Minutes 06-14-02.pdf
 PAG Meeting Minutes 02-11-05.pdf  

HDPE Pipe Service Life Protocol

The Department has enlisted the services of Dr. Grace Hsuan and Dr. Tim McGrath, co-authors of NCHRP 429 (1999), to produce a protocol for determining the expected service life of HDPE Pipe. The final documents from this work may be downloaded below:

Final Report by Drs. Tim McGrath and Grace Hsuan

Class II HDPE pipe, sizes 18” – 60”, has been granted interim acceptance for 100-year design service life. Class II HDPE pipe, accepted under the interim specification, may not be used in the following locations:


1. The Florida Keys
2. Under the mainline travel lanes on limited access facilities
3. Under the pavement of 8-lane urban facilities
4. Under the pavement of roadways providing immediate access to coastal islands
5. Within the confines of a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall
6. In locations where the failure of the pipe would jeopardize buildings adjacent to the Department’s right-of-way


Under the pavement, in the above restrictions, includes pipe locations within the angle of repose of the soil under the proposed pavement, including planned future widening.

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