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ITSFM training is provided by the FDOT Central Office upon written request from any District Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) Engineer or authorized representative to the Central Office.  If you would like to request training please see "How to Request Training."  The table below will assist you with navigating through the available training courses provided through the website.


ClassPrerequisitesTarget AudienceLength of Training
ViewerIntermediate level computer experience and a working knowledge of ITSUsers who only need to view  ITSFM and run reportsFour hours of computer-led training (CBT)

MaintainerIntermediate level computer experience and a working knowledge of ITSUsers who perform maintenance on the ITS network and require Feature Export and want additional hands on experienceFive hours of CBT

Eight hours of ILT
EditorMaintainer certification required.

Advance experience with computer software (GIS, CAD, GPS mapping) and telecommunications, and Civil/ITS experience

Four to Eight week backlog of ITS  filed data available for encoding
Users who are tasked to create feature intelligence, build fiber and electric connectivity and   bulk import data into the ITSFM system.Phased training provided by video/teleconference ILT; followed by weeks of; performing each task assignment with technical support provided remotely as-needed
GPS and Cable MappingAdvance experience with computer software and telecommunications, and Civil/ITS experienceContractors responsible for collecting field data for ITS components.Two to three person crew must complete three days  of classroom ILT and two days of in field hands on ILT
GPS Seed FileIntermediate level computer experience and experience in civil, telecommunication, surveying or GPS mapping;Contractors responsible for creating seed files for new ITSFM serving areasTwo days ILT
Feature Import TemplatesIntermediate level computer experience and experience   with Excel,Users who are responsible for importing data into ITSFM, or     for filling out the associated templates.Two hour training provided by video/teleconference ILT
Into to ITSFM & Spec 611Working knowledge of ITS construction projects and existing as-built data requirementProject administrators and CEI professionals responsible for as-built deliverablesSix hours of ILT
Acceptance Testing for CEI’sWorking knowledge of ITS equipment and infrastructure, fiber optic, and electric cable networksCEI professionalsThree days of ILT


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