GPS and Cable Mapping

itsfm dudeThe ITSFM GPS and Cable Mapping training focuses on the contractor’s responsibility on new projects to furnish as-built plans and other detailed information needed to model ITS components within the ITSFM system. This process was designed to make data collection efficient while enabling the creation of high-quality, import-ready deliverables.

The course is designed to train a three-person crew through classroom and hands-on exercises developed from lessons learned across the state. The crew consists of a crew chief, GPS and cable technicians dedicated to tracing cables and mapping or “as-building” the ITS to determine its condition and actual installed location (Lat/Long), material make-up, quantities, and configuration for input into the ITSFM.

The training teaches field technicians how to work as a team, the proper use of the ITSFM configuration used by the GPS data collector, which ITSFM forms are required, and the process to self-audit each day’s work to ensure high-quality deliverables.

Class Duration

  • Three days - Classroom
  • Two days - Hands On


  • Previous civil, outside plant telecommunication, surveying or GPS mapping experience.
  • Advanced-level computer and field drawing experience.
  • Must have a backlog of data available for encoding new or updating existing fiber paths in the production system.

Hardware/Software/Material Requirements

  • Trimble Geo7x data collector capable of sub-meter accuracy and equipped with TerraSync 5.85 or newer, laser range finder, camera, and external backpack antenna.
  • Underground cable locator.
  • Laptop computer equipped with Microsoft Mobile Device Center.
  • Licensed Trimble Pathfinder Office, MS Excel, Google Earth.
  • Hotspot or another device for Internet connection in the field.
  • Mechanical pencil, lead, eraser, 11” x 17” clipboard and general-purpose drawing template.

Laptop Configuration Requirements

  • Students MUST verify their laptop computer is properly setup and configuration using the “Job Aid for Testing ITSFM System Config”.
  • paperworkInternet access.


Module 1 – Introduction and Agenda

Module 2 – Functional Requirements

Module 3 – Naming Standards

Module 4 – Overview of Database Encoding

Module 5 – Introduction to GPS Mapping

Module 6 - GPS Data Collector File Naming

Module 7 – Geo7x/TerraSync Setup and Operation

Module 8 – GPS Feature Mapping

Module 9 – Geo7x Data Transfer

Module 10 – Export and Review

Module 11 – GPS Mapping Quality Review

Module 12 – Fiber Optic Cable Mapping

Module 13 – Detail Site Drawings

Module 14 – Acceptance Testing


This instructor-led training includes the following hands-on exercises are performed throughout the training.

#1 - Preview the data dictionary

#2 – Create mapping file

#3 – Geo7x setup and operation

#4 – GPS feature mapping in the field

#5 – Data transfer

#6 – Export review

#7 – Mapping quality review