Introduction to ITSFM and Specifications 611 As-Built Deliverables

This ITSFM training is for FDOT project administrators and CEI professionals and focuses on the contractor’s as-built deliverables and the as-built acceptance testing requirements defined in Standard Specification – Section 611, Acceptance Procedures for Traffic Control Signals and Devices


The curriculum includes five modules beginning with the contractor’s responsibility to furnish as-built plans and other documentation from new construction projects needed to populate the ITSFM system. The contractor’s responsibility is followed by as-built guidelines that discuss the CEI’s role and responsibility for quality assurance and as-built document acceptance testing. The training ends with minimum data requirements and infrastructure naming standards.

Class Duration

  • Six-hour classroom.


  • Working knowledge of ITS construction projects and existing as-built data requirements.

Hardware/Software Requirements

  • None.


Module 1 – Introduction and Agenda

Module 2 – As-built Deliverable

Lesson 1 - Contractor responsibility and GPS mapping

Lesson 2 - Data collection forms

Lesson 3 - Cable mapping and equipment site detail drawings

Lesson 4 - Feature import templates

Module 3 – CEI As-built Guidelines

  • CEI responsibilities
  • As-built guidelines
  • Quality assurance
  • As-built acceptance testing

Module 4 – Minimum Data Requirements

  • Required positional accuracy for GPS mapping
  • How ITSFM organizes data into “Serving Areas”
  • The difference between software vs. District requirements
  • Data requirements:
    • Equipment type and attributes
    • Documents and pictures

Module 5 – ITSFM Naming Standards

Lesson 1 - Site Identification Name

  • ITS device names
  • Infrastructure names