ITSFM Viewer Curriculum



The ITSFM Viewer training is designed for managers, engineers, and other users who only need viewer access and reporting capabilities from the system. The lessons introduce users to benefits that can be achieved, the type of information available in the system, how maintainers use the system, and instructions for system login, navigation, and reporting.

Students have approximately two-weeks to complete the CBT portion of this training. New students are required to complete each of the CBT lessons in a specified order. After successfully completing a course, users can access the associated CBT for refresher training in any order.

Upon successful completion of the training curriculum, students will understand the capabilities of the ITSFM system and be prepared to utilize the viewing, locating, and reporting capabilities.

Important Requirements

  1. Only students who successfully complete the entire training curriculum will receive ITSFM system access (user id and password) for the District authorized serving areas and a certificate of completion.

Class Duration

The CBT portion takes approximately four hours to complete.


  • Intermediate level computer experience and a working knowledge of ITS.

Hardware/Software Requirements

  • Laptop computer equipped with Internet Explorer or Chrome web browser, and Google Earth.

Laptop Configuration Requirements

  • Students MUST verify their laptop computer is properly setup and configured using the “Job Aid for Testing ITSFM System Config,” found in the “Resource” tab in Learning Curve.

atkins guyCBT Agenda

Introduction and Agenda

Module 1 – ITSFM System Capabilities

Module 2 – User Roles and Responsibilities

Module 3 – System Operations and Maintenance Responsibilities

Module 4 – System Benefits

Module 5 – Maintainer Capabilities


Lesson 1: Naming Standards

Lesson 2: User Interface

Lesson 3: System Navigation

Lesson 4: System Tools

Lesson 5: Reports

Module 6 – Maintainer Task Examples

Lesson 1: Setting Home View and Creating a Bookmark

Lesson 2: Performing an Electric Circuit Locate

Lesson 3: Creating a Locate Report

Lesson 4: Creating a Standard Report

Lesson 5: Performing a Feature Export and Opening a KML File in Google Earth