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Notice of NextGen GPS mapping equipment and software

The Florida Department of Transportation is enhancing GPS mapping processes to support data provision for the ITSFM® system.

FDOT is creating a cloud-based, custom GPS mapping tool on the Trimble TerraFlex and Connect platform, set to replace the Trimble Geo7, TerraSync, and GPS Pathfinder Office. This web system includes the ITSFM configuration, data dictionary, GPS seed files, and export routines, all designed to align with the ITSFM database's features and attributes. The development incorporates the Trimble DA2 GNSS antenna/receiver, Trimble TerraFlex software, and the Trimble Catalyst real-time correction service. The DA2 will necessitate a Bluetooth and internet-capable phone or tablet with Android, iOS, or Windows OS. Additionally, capturing offset features will require a TerraFlex-compatible Bluetooth laser range finder. Until this development's projected completion in late 2024, the Department will continue utilizing the existing equipment, software, and methodologies.

Learn more about the benefits of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Intelligent Transportation System Facility Management (ITSFM) software. Please take a few minutes to watch the video below to learn how statewide standards are allowing information sharing and support between FDOT Districts, Florida tolling authorities, and city and county transportation departments.

The FDOT Traffic Engineering and Operations Office keeps Florida safely on the go. For example, the ITSFM software enables increased ITS availability because the ITS Operation and Maintenance (O&M) personnel have access to accurate asset inventory and as-built data needed to efficiently maintain the ITS subsystems including camera feeds to the statewide 511 Traffic Information System, used by millions of people each year. ITSFM helps keep ITS information accurate in real-time and provide users the confidence to trust system output and reports.