Operations & Maintenance


Operation & Maintenance (O&M) personnel may include engineers, IT professionals, TMC operators, designers, contractors, and field technicians working together to provide the maximum availability of the ITS infrastructure to the Traffic Management Center.  O&M personnel can utilize ITSFM for daily maintenance needs, emergency management, and program management.  Daily maintenance needs may consist of preventative maintenance, pre-trip diagnostics (providing the user the ability to confirm equipment specifications and select the correct replacement part needed prior to traveling to the field), and asset management. Emergency management may include pre-trip diagnostics and troubleshooting before deployment of field activities.  Lastly, in program management, ITSFM will assist in configuration management, routine repair and replace activities, and costing of a program.


O&M personnel are responsible for managing and maintaining the ITSFM database.  Asset changes to the system must be updated to the database in real-time or as otherwise determined by the District or Regional Partner.  It is a goal of the FDOT to provide a highly accurate and reliable database that meets the needs of all system users.