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New construction projects routinely adds, <br>moves or changes the ITSThe operation of the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) traffic management systems requires accurate as-built documentation to support the on-going maintenance of the field infrastructure, equipment and devices. The Department adopted the ITS Facility Management (ITSFM) system, and other maintenance management software tools, to manage these assets.

The ITSFM is an asset, configuration, and document management system that compiles assets information into a single, accessible GIS based graphical and tabular database allowing the Districts, the Central Office ITS Section, and Regional Partners to manage the entire system.

The ITSFM is designed to import bulk asset information about features installed by new construction projects using Feature Import Templates developed specifically for this purpose. After features are imported, the maintenance technicians update the system with routine changes and modifications performed in the field. This ensures the ITSFM can always report actual as-built condition in real-time.

The links provides as-built guidelines, custom data collection forms, GPS and bulk import tools designed to assist Contractors & Consultants, and Construction Engineering and Inspection personnel with producing high quality as-built deliverables on construction projects.

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