Office of Environmental Management

Office of Environmental Management Training Program

Safety Analysis in PD&E (April 2021)

This webinar provided safety fundamentals and developed a high-level understanding of safety analysis methods included in the HSM, and HSM methods to apply in different situations. Attendees also practiced interpreting and integrating safety analysis results into PD&E process. Simple analysis examples were presented; however, this training is not intended to teach all the details of applying the HSM Predictive Method or crash modification factors.

Materials from the webinar are included below.


Day 1
  • Module 1 Welcome and Logistics (Recording)
  • Module 2 Background and Training Objectives (Recording
  • Module 3 Safety Analysis to Support Developing a Purpose and Need (Recording
  • Module 4 Safety Analysis to Support Alternatives Evaluation – CMFs (Recording)
Day 2
  • Module 5 Safety Analysis to Support Alternatives Evaluation – Predictive Method (Recording)
  • Module 6 Scoping and Reviewing Safety Analysis (Recording)
  • Module 7 Wrap Up (Recording)



  • Case Study 1: CS1 – Crash Rates (Excel)
  • Case Study 2: CS2 – Existing 2015-2019 with EB (Excel)
  • Case Study 3:
    • CS3 – 6 Possible CMFs (PDF)
    • CS3 – All 60 CMFs (Excel)
  • Case Study 4:
    • CS4 – Build 2025 HSM Spreadsheet (Excel)
    • CS4 – Crash Summary Worksheet (Excel)
    • CS4 – No-Build ISATe Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Case Study 5:
    • CS5 – Build ISATe Spreadsheet (Excel)
    • CS5 – No-Build ISATe Spreadsheet (Excel)
    • CS5 – Crash Summary Worksheet (Excel)

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