The CADD Office provides a full line of training for the various customization of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) Software suite delivered to assist the CADD users in the design process of FDOT projects.

The following is a list of FDOT CADD Training Courses provided to assist all CADD Users working on FDOT Projects, including Course Guides, Datasets and Videos.  These are intended for use in the FDOT CADD Regional (Instructor-Led) Training, FDOT’s Learning Curve CADD Certification Program (On-Line Training), FDOT’s Project-Based Training or to download for Self-Help by CADD Users.

Feel free to send any comments, suggestions, and questions to the CADD Office: CADD Support.

Training Guides Updated
Bentley MicroStation - SS4
FDOT CADD Essentials 09/26/2018
FDOT Design Survey Workflow  10/28/2015
FDOT Roadway Design and 3D Modeling - Basic 03/27/2019
FDOT Roadway Design and 3D Modeling - Advanced 03/27/2019
FDOT Comprehensive Template Design 12/11/2018 
FDOT Plan Development Workflows 12/01/2017
FDOT GEOPAK Drainage for Design 11/30/2016
FDOT GEOPAK Drainage for Plans Preparation 11/30/2016
FDOT Traffic Plans   05/01/2018
FDOT Automated Quantities 02/01/2019
Other Resources
CADD Bentley Connection Client Connect Advisor 03/20/2019
FDOT Digital Delivery  01/13/2016
FDOT Right-of-Way Mapping CADD Training  07/31/2015
Autodesk Civil 3D - 2019
FDOT Civil 3D Essentials 05/06/2019
FDOT Civil 3D Survey Workflow 05/03/2019
FDOT Civil 3D Roadway Design & 3D Modeling - Basic 01/31/2019
FDOT Civil 3D Roadway Design & 3D Modeling - Advanced 08/29/2018
FDOT Civil 3D SubAssembly Composer  02/26/2018
FDOT Civil 3D Plans Production 01/21/2014
FDOT Civil 3D Drainage  01/01/2018
FDOT Civil 3D Stormwater & Sewer Analysis (SSA) 02/07/2019
FDOT Civil 3D Traffic Plans  04/01/2018
FDOT Civil 3D Automated Quantities 10/01/2019