FDOT C3D Stormwater & Sewer Analysis (SSA) Course

This course was developed for FDOT Drainage Designers using AutoCAD Civil 3D 20XX, the FDOT Civil 3D 20XX State Kit, and Autodesk's Storm and Sanitary Analysis (SSA) software. This course provides a complete workflow for taking a AutoCAD Civil 3D Pipe Network into Autodesk's SSA software, analyzing the network performance, editing pipes and structures, and returning the revised network to AutoCAD Civil 3D.

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  Topics Covered:
  • Exporting Pipe Network Data from Civil 3D in a Hydraflow Storm Sewers (STM) format
  • Network Layout in SSA
  • Displaying a CAD File as a Background
  • Network Layout in SSA
  • Running an Analysis on the Network
  • Displaying Analysis Results
  • Displaying a Profile Plot of a Pipe Run
  • Editing Nodes and Links
  • Exporting a STM File from SSA
  • Importing a STM File in Civil 3D
  • Viewing SSA Produced Values in Civil 3D Network Parts
  • Displaying HGL and EGL in a Profile View in Civil 3D
  • Participants need to have a basic understanding of AutoCAD and Civil 3D
  • Participant is required to complete the 2018-2019 FDOT Civil 3D Drainage course
  • Mike Racca - Production Support CADD Office
  • PDH Credit will only be available with Instructor lead or Computer Based Training (CBT) thru Learning Curve.