FDOT Digital Delivery Course

This training manual is designed to:
  • Equip professionally registered individuals, design professionals and those involved in the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) design, plans delivery & construction process with skills necessary to use digital certificates for signing and validating contract documents
  • Eliminate the need to scan paper documents for signature approvals
  • Create a seamless process for contract documents from concept through construction
  • Provide a means for chain of possession / chain of approval for documents
  • Present options for popular software used to sign PDF and delivery options using Portable Document Format (PDF) Portfolio

FDOT Digital Delivery cover page.
Topics Covered:
  • First Steps
  • Document Signing
  • FDOT Digital Production & Delivery
  • Other Types of Documents
  • Students must have a basic understanding of the FDOT design and delivery process. Must have computer skills necessary to organize files and folders and operate a windows base operating system. Some understanding of PDF and how it is produced.

FDOT Digital Delivery course documentation  is currently provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  These files require the free Adobe Acrobat plug-in for your browser.  The Acrobat plug-in can be obtained from Adobe Systems Inc.

File Updated Date
Training Guide 01/13/2016

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