Environmental Coordination, Consultation and Permitting Training

Target Audience: Geared towards both FDOT and Consultant NEPA Practitioners and FDOT and Consultant Permitting Staff. Also a good resource for LAP Agency Partners.

Description: Currently this training track is built of various topics that pertain to endangered species consultation, environmental permitting and related topics. The track will continue to be developed as new webinar options are offered with partner agency staff and topics. CBTs developed for the PD&E Part 2 Track are also relevant to this track, including Wetlands and Protected Species and Habitat.

Existing items to include in this track:

  • FWC Training (3/2/2020) - This webinar provides information on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission's regulations, processes, and how their agency interacts with FDOT on transportation projects.

The following PowerPoint Presentations have been developed by FWC.  When you click on the links below to the PowerPoint, be sure you press "play" to view it as a PowerPoint show with voice over and everything. Added 6/5/2020 and updated 12/18/2020:


Future CBT courses: Wetlands and Other Surface Waters, Protected Species and Habitat, Essential Fish Habitat

Upcoming In Person or Webinar Courses - None planned at this time.