Florida Highway Data

The Transportation Data and Analytics (TDA) Office oversees and supports the FDOT Districts' collection and entry of highway data on the State Highway System and on non-State roads functionally classified as Rural Major Collector and above. These data include administrative items (road number & name, functional classification, federal system, urban location, etc.), geographic items (intersecting roads & interchanges, width, number of lanes, type of shoulder, etc.), and operational items (traffic data, speed limits, etc.). In addition to maintaining the highway data in the Roadway Characteristics Inventory, TDA provides procedures, handbooks, training, and quality control for the data collection and entry process. The highway data are available to Department personnel directly from the mainframe computer, and are also distributed in a variety of reports - both routine and ad hoc, as requested. Less traditional means include maps, videologs, and CD-ROMs. One of the Department's major data customers is the Federal Highway Administration, to which we supply an annual report based on Florida's part of the Highway Performance Monitoring System.


  • Federal Aid Systems - Lists and maps of all public roads that are functionally classified as higher than Local, including all State roads and many of the larger City and County roads; used by emergency response teams to determine funding eligibility and by anyone wanting to find names, locations, and other data about the major roads in Florida.
  • Florida Transportation Information DVD - Disk with variety of current and historical transportation data. A new DVD is published in June each year.
  • Interchange Report (PDF, 1.18 MB) - Interchange numbers and milepost locations for Interstates and most expressways.
  • Maps - Variety of ready-to-use maps in JPG or PDF format.
  • Mileage between Cities - Shortest distance between many city pairs in Florida; used for mileage reimbursements.
  • RCI Handbooks - Handbooks showing how to collect and enter highway data in the RCI database.
  • Performance Data Integration Space (arcgis.com) -  Information hub to assist department stakeholders with data-driven transportation decisions.
  • Road Designations - Memorial designations made by the Florida Legislature, the old State Road Board, and others.
  • Road GIS Data - GIS shapefiles of road data
  • Road Mileage and Travel Reports - Centerline miles, lane miles, and daily vehicle miles traveled on various systems.
  • Source Book - Compilation of Mobility Performance Measures, along with other current and historical highway information.
  • Straight-Line Diagrams- Linear graphical representations of features and characteristics along roadways in Florida.
  • Videolog Images - Pictures taken every 26 feet along every State road, in both directions, both ahead and to the right.

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