Straight-line Diagrams (SLDs) are linear graphical representations of features and characteristics along roadways on and some off of the State Highway System (SHS). These diagrams are prepared by District Offices across Florida and made available to consultants, contractors, and engineers to support their efforts in preparing for field surveys, planning construction projects, verifying Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI) data, and other related applications. SLDs are distributed in PDF format making them accessible to anyone with Adobe Reader (available to the public free of charge).


  • SLD Handbook (PDF 4.66 MB) - July 2017 - provides information on Straight-line Diagrams, what they contain, how they are generated, and other related information including a legend for the symbols and abbreviations found within the diagrams.
  • Straight-Line Diagrams Online GIS Web Application offers the public a means of searching for SLDs by district, county, roadway description or by selecting a roadway using the map interface.


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  • District 6
    Contact: Neil Lyn
    Phone: (305) 470-5373

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