TDA's Spatial Data & Analytics section maintains the official FDOT linear referencing system of all roads in the Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI) database. It is also responsible for the production and maintenance of the Federal Aid Highway maps; numerous GIS data layers; and custom GIS tools and applications.

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GIS Data Directory
Shapefiles and Geodatabases - Statewide data in WinZip format, updated weekly. Projection: UTM 17; Datum: NAD 83.

GIS Data Disclaimer: This product has been compiled from the most accurate source data from the Florida Department of Transportation's Transportation Data and Analytics Office. However, this product is for reference purposes only and is not to be construed as a legal document or survey instrument. Any reliance on the information contained herein is at the user's own risk. The Florida Department of Transportation assumes no responsibility for any use of the information contained herein or any loss resulting there from.

Available Shapefiles/Metadata for download:      

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Designated Roads Data - Shapefiles of GIS Roads Layers:

The links below contain shapefiles of various designated roads, including shapefiles representing the FDOT linear referencing system (basemap). The data is provided statewide in WinZip format and is updated weekly. The data projection is UTM 17, and the datum is NAD 83.

 **NOTE: The shape file "Basemap Routes with Measures" contains measures which can be used for event mapping of tabular data that contains milepoint information corresponding to the Transportation Data and Analytics GIS basemap.
Shapefiles:  Metadata:
 Basemap Arcs - 12.3 MB Zip File   Basemap Arcs
 Basemap Routes - 10.0 MB Zip File   Basemap Routes
 Basemap Routes with Measures - 10.1 MB Zip File   Basemap Routes with Measures
 County Roads - 1.45 MB Zip File   County Roads
 Divided Highways - 2.58 MB Zip File   Divided Highways
 Federal-Aid Highway System - 6.07 MB Zip File   Federal-Aid Highway System
 Interstates - 177 KB Zip File   Interstates
 National Highway System - 1.15 MB Zip File   National Highway System
 National Highway System (un-built segments) - 43.6 KB Zip File   National Highway System (un-built segments)
 Off-System Roads - 4.36 MB Zip File   Off-System Roads
 On-System Roads (State Highway System) - 1.51 MB Zip File   On-System Roads (State Highway System)
 Scenic Highways - 268 KB Zip File   Scenic Highways
 State Roads - 1.62 MB Zip File   State Roads
 Toll Roads - 154 KB Zip File   Toll Roads
 U.S. Highways - 640 KB Zip File   U.S. Highways

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Roadway Characteristic Data - Shapefiles of GIS Road Data Layers:

The links below contain shapefiles representing roadway characteristics. The data is provided statewide in WinZip format and is updated weekly. The data projection is UTM 17, and the datum is NAD 83.

Shapefiles:  Metadata:
 Access Control Type - 5.62 MB Zip File   Access Control Type
 Access Management - 1.57 MB Zip File   Access Management
 Bridges - 764 KB Zip File   Bridges
 Facility Crossing Names - 693 KB Zip File   Facility Crossing Names
 Functional Classification - 6.16 MB Zip File   Functional Classification
 Highway Performance Monitoring System - 1.16 MB Zip File   Highway Performance Monitoring System
 Interchanges - 87 KB Zip File   Interchanges
 Intersections - 7.11 MB Zip File   Intersections
 Maximum Speed Limits - 4.16 MB Zip File   Maximum Speed Limits
 Median Type - 3.95 MB Zip File   Median Type
 Median Width - 4.04 MB Zip File   Median Width
 Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Area Roadways - 5.86 MB Zip File   Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Area Roadways
 Mile Markers - 161 KB Zip File   Mile Markers
 Number of Lanes - 12.4 MB Zip File   Number of Lanes
 Railroad Crossings - 117 KB Zip File   Railroad Crossings
 Rest Areas/Welcome Centers - 58.8 KB Zip File   Rest Areas/Welcome Centers
 Roads in RCI - 7.17 MB Zip File   Roads in RCI
 Roads with Local Names - 7.32 MB Zip File   Roads with Local Names
 Road Status - 7.07 MB Zip File   Road Status
 Shoulder Type - Inside - 3.22 MB Zip File   Shoulder Type - Inside
 Shoulder Type - Outside - 15.1 MB Zip File   Shoulder Type - Outside
 Shoulder Width - Inside - 3.20 MB Zip File   Shoulder Width - Inside
 Shoulder Width - Outside - 15.9 MB Zip File   Shoulder Width - Outside
 Surface Width - 10 MB Zip File   Surface Width

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Traffic Data - Shapefiles of GIS Traffic Data Layers:

The links below contain shapefiles of traffic count and other traffic-related data. The data is provided statewide in WinZip format and is updated weekly. The data projection is UTM 17, and the datum is NAD 83.
Shapefiles:  Metadata:
 Annual Average Daily Traffic - 6.65 MB Zip File   Annual Average Daily Traffic
 Historical Annual Average Daily Traffic - 31.7 MB Zip File   Historical Annual Average Daily Traffic
 Portable Traffic Monitoring Sites - 1.12 MB Zip File   Portable Traffic Monitoring Sites
 Telemetered Traffic Monitoring Sites - 82.6 KB Zip File   Telemetered Traffic Monitoring Sites
 Traffic Signal Locations - 610 KB Zip File   Traffic Signal Locations
 Truck Traffic Volume - 6.72 MB Zip File   Truck Traffic Volume
 Weigh-in-Motion Locations - 57.2 KB Zip File   Weigh-in-Motion Locations

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Bicycle and Pedestrian Data - Shapefiles of GIS Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Layers:

The links below contain shapefiles of various bike lanes and sidewalk data. The data is provided statewide in WinZip format and is updated weekly.
Shapefiles:  Metadata:
 Bicycle Lanes - 1.20 MB Zip File   Bicycle Lanes
 Bicycle Slots - 1.20 MB Zip File   Bicycle Slots
 Shared Path Width and Separation - 308 KB Zip File   Shared Path Width and Separation
 Sidewalk Barriers - 4.22 MB Zip File   Sidewalk Barriers
 Sidewalk Width and Separation - 5.98 MB Zip File   Sidewalk Width and Separation

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Geodatabases - combination of all GIS data layers provided in two formats (Personal and File formats):

Geodatabases containing feature classes for all available shapefiles are provided in file geodatabase and personal geodatabase formats. The file geodatabase can be used with ArcGIS version 9.2 or later, while the personal geodatabase is supported by all versions of ArcGIS.


Both geodatabases include layer (*.lyr) files for each feature class that are intended to provide enhanced, easy to use symbolization. In order to utilize the layer files, they must exist in the same directory as the geodatabase. Layer files can be added to ArcMap by dragging them from ArcCatalog or Windows Explorer, or by utilizing the “Add Data” button.
 File Geodatabase - ArcGIS 9.2 or higher - 204 MB Zip File
 Personal Geodatabase - MS Access and All versions of ArcGIS - 299 MB Zip File

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Other Resources - ArcGIS Online, Florida Traffic Online, Planning Maps:

Here you will find links to various GIS based resources, e.g. Applications, Maps, etc.

  • City-to-City Mileage - FDOT's Official Highway Mileage Viewer.
  • FDOT ArcGIS Online - FDOT's enterprise ArcGIS online account.
  • FDOT ArcGIS Online Feature Layers (TDA) - Transportation Data and Analytics hosted feature layers in FDOT's enterprise ArcGIS online account.
  • FDOT's Unified Basemap Repository - Contains shapefiles for Florida intersections and the State Safety Office's Statewide Crash Data and Rates.
  • Florida Traffic Online - A web-based mapping application that provides traffic count site locations, annual average daily traffic, and historical traffic count data. Traffic data is updated annually.
  • The Microsoft Access database (.MDB) that the FTI DVD provided access to is now available: FTI.mdb (1.2 GB)  – To download: Right-click the link and choose Save target as…
  • GIS Application Manager - The Transportation Data & Analytics GIS Application Manager is used to easily install, uninstall, and update the various GIS customizations provided by the Transportation Data and Analytics Office . It consists of a desktop application used for the installation of the GIS customizations, as well as an ArcMap extension used to alert users about new or updated applications. To acquire the GIS Application Manager, please send us your request via email.
  • Planning Maps - All of the full-page maps are high resolution PDF files. Small map details can be viewed clearly by using the "zoom-in" tool (magnifying glass icon) to select and enlarge the desired area.                        

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