Staff Directory

Division Heads




Tillander, Trey

Executive Director of Transportation Technology

(850) 414-4772


Chief Data Officer

(850) 414-4210


Transportation Data & Analytics 



Title - Responsibilities

Hutchinson, Ed

(850) 414-4910

Manager, Transportation Data and Analytics Office

Varela, Annita(850) 414-4939Purchasing Specialist


Spatial Data & Analytics



Title - Responsibilities

O'Rourke, Paul

(850) 414-4732

Manager, Transportation Data Support

Stelter, GW

(850) 414-4474

Engineering Specialist II
Fed Aid Map, MAP-21 Maps, Quality Assurance Review Maps, GIS Support

Stelter, Chelsea(850) 414-4370

Highway Classification Specialist
GIS Support, Linear Referencing System Process Coordinator (Maintenance and Revisions), Office Training Coordinator

Welsh, Mark(850) 414-4722

GIS Application Coordinator/GIS Application Manager
RCI Spatial Data, ArcGIS Desktop Customizations, Spatial Databases


Transportation Data Inventory



Title - Responsibilities

Worrell, Joel

(850) 414-4715

Manager, Transportation Data Inventory

Brickner, Eric

(850) 414-4873

HPMS Coordinator
Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS), Data Submission, HPMS Data Collection, HPMS Samples, Mileage Reports

Cone, Karey(850) 414-4706

Transportation Data Analyst
RCI Data Collection, RCI/LRS Reconciliation Support Analysis, RCI Data Development, Straight Line Diagrams (SLD) Support, RCI Data Collection and Data Reporting

Diaz, Daniel(850) 414-4209

Transportation Data Scientist
Integrating TDA’s business data for Department data analytics and support development of transportation datasets, statistics, and mileage reports to support the Department’s critical reporting requirements. Modernizing the RCI data system by incorporating GIS into processes, performing data modeling activities, developing data relationships and workflows, supporting the enhancement of the RCI program quality support applications, and coordinating with users, OIT developers, and programmers.

Rosedale, Andre(850) 414-4714

Data Training Coordinator
RCI/HPMS Training Development, TDA training and workshop event coordination

Mears, Daniel(850) 414-4705

Multimodal Data System Coordinator
Historical Roadway Requests, Info Specialist, Multimodal data, RCI/LRS Reconciliation Support, Transportation System Designations, National Highway System (NHS) Designations, Road Jurisdiction Transfers, Functional Classification, State Roadway and U.S. Route Numbering, Data Analysis, Web Author


(850) 414-4233Transportation Data Quality Coordinator
Transportation Data Quality Management Process, Quality Assurance Monitoring Plan, Quality Assurance Reviews, District Quality Evaluations (DQE), Program Procedures and Section Frameworks


Transportation Monitoring Program



Title - Responsibilities

Griffin, Eric

(850) 414-4709

Manager, Transportation Monitoring Program

Borms, Jotan(850) 921-7378

Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Coordinator
(Springhill Road)

Vacant(850) 414-4718

Quality Control Specialist
Traffic Data Reporting

Gordon, Joey

(850) 414-4005

Supervisor, Traffic Data Analysis
Traffic Data Reporting

Johnson, Victor(850) 921-7303

Manager, Traffic Data Collection
(Springhill Road)
Telemetered Traffic Monitoring Sites, Construction, Repair

Liddell, Walter(850) 414-4731

Traffic Data Analyst
Traffic Data Reporting

Wells, Leon(850) 414-4713

Traffic Data Analyst
Traffic Software

Whitley, James(850) 921-7329

Continuous Count Station/Weigh-In-Motion Traffic Data Collection Coordinator (CSS/WIM)
(Springhill Road)