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The Office of Right of Way has a primary mission of acquiring the real property necessary for the construction of transportation facilities.

In carrying out this mission, we also provide relocation assistance to people and businesses displaced by the various projects and lease or sell any acquired property which may be surplus to our needs. We carry out these activities as a decentralized organization. The Department is subdivided into seven (7) geographical districts with responsibility for the transportation facilities within their designated counties and a Turnpike Enterprise with responsibility for toll roads. Each district office acquires and manages the real property for transportation projects within their respective area. Our central office develops policies and procedures under which the districts operate, conducts a quality assurance program to assure compliance with laws, policies and procedures, and provides technical assistance and training to the districts.

In addition to our primary mission, the Office of Right of Way is also charged with the control of outdoor advertising signs along state highways and management of the Logo sign program along our interstate highways. These regulatory activities are carried out by central office staff.

Mission Statement

Deliver rights of way necessary to support the Department's work program in a cost efficient, high quality manner while ensuring full compensation is paid for all property acquired and protect federal funding for transportation by maintaining effective control of outdoor advertising.


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