Eligibility to participate in LAP is evaluated via a certification process to determine staff resources and capabilities in transportation projects as well as assess familiarity with federally funded programs. A variety of resources are available to an agency seeking certification or one who is already active in the program. State resources may be found in the LAP Menu under  LAP Certification. In addition, FHWA has developed the website Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies.  “A transportation resource designed to help local agency professionals navigate the Federal-aid Highway Program. Federal-aid Essentials is structured for busy agency staff who wants further understanding of Federal-aid policies, procedures, and practices.”


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Please Visit the Florida LTAP Training Calendar for course offerings from various providers, or our LAP Training Dates page for a list of available training dates around the state!   

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For more information regarding Transportation Regional Incentive Program, Please contact your
District Local Programs Office

For immediate assistance please contact
Lorraine Moyle
State Local Programs Administrator
(850) 414-4383