Local Agency Specifications

Local Agency Program (LAP) Specifications:

LAP Projects are classified as A, B, C, or D. Chapter 17 section 17.4 of the LP Manual provides Table 1 that easily guides implementation. Class A, B, and structural components of Class C LAP projects must use Divisions II and III of the FDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction and implemented modifications in accordance with the LP Manual. Non-structural components of Class C and Class D LAP projects must use the pre-approved Big 3 Specifications or local agency specifications approved in advance in accordance with the LP Manual.

DRAFT LAP Division 1 Specifications

Off-System LAP Specifications ("Big 3"):

The "Big 3" Specifications were developed in conjunction with the Florida Green Book Committee, our Local Agency Program (LAP) partners, the Florida Association of County Engineers and Road Superintendents (FACERS), and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).


(REV 3-2-22) (FHWA 7-13-21) (FY 2023-24)

Earthwork Related Operation for LAP (Class-D) 


(REV 3-2-22) (FHWA 7-2-21) (FY 2023-24)

Asphalt Concrete for LAP (Class-D)


(REV 6-9-21) (FHWA 7-2-21) (FY 2023-24)

Concrete for Local Agency Program (LAP) (Class-D)

History of Revisions 


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On-System LAP Specifications Guidelines
(Design Build)
 - Information on preparing the administrative portion of contract documents for Design Build On-System LAP projects.

Local Agencies Specification can be found on Specs on the Web.

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