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FDOT Resources

Contract Compliance Manual

Highway Beautification Grants

Local Agency Compliance Specialist EOC Quick Guide

Local Agency Program Specifications Guidelines for Off-System and On-System Projects

Stewardship and Oversight Agreement between FDOT and FHWA

Transportation Alternatives Program


FHWA Resources

- Analysis of Construction QA Procedures on Locally-Administered Federal-aid Projects, 2015 (Audio)     

     -  PowerPoint: Analysis of Construction QA Procedures
     - Tech Brief: Construction Quality Assurance for Federally Funded Local Public Agency Projects

-Contract Administration Core Curriculum Participant’s Manual and Reference Guide

- United States Government Accountability Office, “Federal Highway Administration Could Further Mitigate Locally Administered
  Project Risks”, January 2014, GAO-14-113

- Office of Inspector General, FHWA Oversight of Federal-Aid and Recovery Act Projects Administered by Local Public -
  Agencies Needs Strengthening, July 2011

- Real Estate Acquisition Guide for Local Public Agencies

- Guide to Federal-Aid Programs and Projects

Local Agency Program Annual Reports




All reports are in Adobe pdf format. Adobe reader is a free download and is required to read these reports.