Office of Environmental Management (OEM Org Chart)

Employee  Working Title  Telephone 
Jason Watts Director, Office of Environmental Management 850-414-4316
Sandra Reddick Office Manager 850-414-5249

Environmental Review and Analysis Section  
Katasha Cornwell  State Environmental Process Administrator 850-414-5260 
Brittany Bianco  Project Delivery Coordinator (D3) 850-414-5217
Erica Christiansen  Project Delivery Coordinator (D5) & Species 850-414-5329  
Thu-Huong Clark  Project Delivery Coordinator (D1) & Permit Coordinator 850-414-5327 
Roy Jackson  State Cultural Resources Coordinator 850-414-5323
Marjorie Kirby  State Environmental Program Administrator & SWAT 850-414-5209
Mariano Berrios  Project Delivery Coordinator (D4), Noise & Air   850-414-5250 
Katherine Britt Project Delivery Coordinator 850-414-5259
Lindsay Guthrie  Project Delivery Coordinator (D6) 850-414-4943
Matthew Marino Project Delivery Coordinator (D1, D2) Cultural Resources Specialist 850-414-4188 
Engineering Review and Analysis Section  
Victor Muchuruza State Environmental Development Engineer   850-414-5269
Jenna Bowman Project Development Engineer 850-414-5320  
Heidi Coggins  Project Development Engineering Specialist 850-414-4804
Michael Sykes   Project Development Engineering Specialist 850-414-5226 
Quality Assurance and Performance Section  
Peter McGilvray   State Environmental Quality and Performance Administrator (inc. ETDM) 850-414-5330

Terri Cook

Program Coordinator 850-414-5319
Keisha Conyers     Technology Resources Coordinator 850-414-4620
Eric Whitehead      Quality Assurance and Quality Control Coordinator 850-414-5326 

Environmental Managers - FDOT District Offices (OEM PDC & Engineering Leads)

Employee  Working Title  Telephone

Gwen Pipkin

District 1 - Environmental Administrator 863-519-2357

Terri Newman

District 2 - Environmental Administrator 386-961-7713

Joy Swanson

District 3 - Environmental Administrator 850-330-1505

Ann Broadwell

District 4 - Environmental Administrator 954-777-4325

William Walsh

District 5 - Environmental Administrator 386-943-5411

Steven C. James

District 6 - Environmental Administrator 305-470-5221

Robin Rhinesmith

District 7 - Environmental Administrator 813-975-6496

Martin Horwitz

Florida's Turnpike Enterprise - Environmental Administrator 407-264-3022